Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30,2010

Went to the Springville Art Museum today to see the show that I didn't get into. Some very nice things and some confusing choices..but I love this place..Spanish style building with sculpture garden, wonderful tile floors and courtyards and great art. Another show called "Hard Times" was on the second level and really wonderful work from national artists.
I then took a nostalgic tour of houses I lived in over 30 yrs. ago in Provo Utah as a young college student and a young married Mom.
I had a bit of an epiphany today. One part was based on Ralph's wonderful blog and I made the decision to do small drawings in public places and give them away to strangers. I also took pics of the houses I lived in, and friends lived in and will do a series of paintings.
I am including the pics here. The mountain photos is of an area where an old miner's house was..I lived up there for 3 years in early 70's with my wonderful roommates. We were isolated but had a great view of Utah Valley. The house is gone. The house with the trimmed shrubs is now called the Hacienda..but when I lived there in 73-74 it was the Lemon House because it was yellow. Hubby's house is the brick house.and the white house was where my youngest,Thomas, was born. The log cabin house belonged to a friend.
The other bit of my epiphany was to try to quit wanting a charming house somewhere else and make my little place the wonderful artist retreat it can be. Some repairs, paint and art additions to the outside the soft sculpture "Wedding Nest" I have hanging from a tree in the rear of the property. I have taken pics of it for the last 3 yrs. It was a class project.
Next time I go to the museum I will take pics of it..because it is a wonderful place.


  1. hi kay...found you thru ralph...lovely blog!

  2. Wow two mentions on your blog seems we have much in common we three. It is wonderful thing making art available to those who would maybe never ever have that pleasure. I am so glad you liked that. Thank you so much for all your kind words.

  3. Merci pour cette visite et de m'avoir permis de voyager en vous lisant.

  4. nice to have two epiphanies in one trip! It sounds like a lovely museum!