Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13,2010

So posting..or should I say venting got some nice responses. Thanks for your kind words and advice..really I am ok..I worried about the post being too bitter and personal.  I have been around too long to believe that I am ignored by the media or jurors because they personally don't like me..I have not reached a audience who values my work and even if it never happens..I will always do my art.  So taking all the good advice..handpicking shows and working on my body of work and having some fun while doing it will have to do. I probably am not ready to write up a media blitz just yet!!!  Although I do get my letters to the editor in when I do write!!  It is usually my strident liberal voice that gets published..haha..

actually writing up an article about me and my art could be a really interesting assignment! I did pull an A in the upper level creative non-fiction class ...I was good!

Maybe all of us artists should write up our own media blitz! It could be fun to see how we really think about our art..learning to talk about ourselves may seem egotistical..but don't we have to write artists statements?  And have you really read some pretentious statements and decided you don't want to write those?  Don't save it for the last minute..compose it now and read it to friends, post it on facebook, blog it or just put it away and read it again aloud another day and see how it sounds!

I read a statement once that was with some abstract art with lots of lovely yellow paint and the artist was so cool..he said..I like yellow so I use a lot of it. I like yellow because I liked the school bus when I was a kid...it was more than that but that was the jist and it was humorous and yet poignant and real.

I am hoping to sign up for a watercolor workshop in August in Wyoming with lian zhen. I  have a book on Chinese painting by him and he is brilliant. Something to look forward to!

I posted a photo I took from my backyard..pretty.


  1. That's the spirit! Your writing skills are quite captivating. You'll do just fine...

  2. Just let it all go. Once you do that, things will find their way forward.