Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20,2010

Today had so much promise..so pretty..big fluffy clouds scudding across the blue blue sky, actually got a bit of sun while wrestling fence panels and gates into place for the baby chicks when they get their feathers in and the promised barred rock rooster that a friend is giving me..lets hope the chicky babes are all hens!
I checked the Springville Art Museum site for the juror results for the salon I entered..nothing yet,..so I kept cleaning and planning my day and then later went back and the results were posted. I was dreading the results..oh I didn't want to be disappointed, wanted to have reason to rejoice and feel better about my art that has given me much pain of late..but alas..it was not to be ..both paintings rejected. My friend Nancy got one in and I really was happy for her. Also the very young girl who hired me to teach the drawing class got one in, and of course the standby and standout local and regional artists..Trent Alvey, Susan Gallacher, Gary Ernst Smith, Brian Kershisniak, Emily McPhee, etc. out of over 1000 entries 214 got in..so I am sure I am in good company. But still I was bummed for a while, maybe a bit still..
It would have been a lift..so I worried it like a dog with a bone and decided not to enter any shows and planned a bonfire of the sheep and wolves for tomorrow and then my son told me to quit being dramatic and get on with life..of course he was right and I went to the ranch store and bought chicken scratch and poultry netting and went to my guitar lesson. Now as I lay abed with the laptop and Dvorak playing I am aware that the chicks are still cute , the pugs still snore, I still can't play the guitar but there is hope that with practice I might..the weak watercolors will be collages and I will enter the damn sheep and wolves in other shows while I struggle with the new work..life goes on..
one thing is for sure though..I will not enter anything under that juror again..3rd times the charm..she is on my list I don't care if it is the only Utah show left ever..I won't pay for the privilege of her rejection..I think I will go for a hike tomorrow..an easy one as I am out of shape..with my birthday present of new and expensive boots...
the self portrait was done a few years ago..the skunk painting is called"Jesus Loves Me Yes I Know",


  1. We put to much emotion in rejection. We all do it. Its so harmful to our creative spirit...

    Go paint happily for yourself and not for anyone else. Your best work will emerge. And then, who cares what anyone else thinks? When its our best, we are satisfied (usually for a brief moment...).

  2. Je ne comprends jamais trop bien l'attribution de prix en peinture... C'est un peu comme noter la philosophie...
    Le plus beau des trophées est celui de votre toile sur votre chevalet et votre regard rempli de fierté et d'émotion face à lui. Elle est vous et vous êtes elle...
    Alors vous devenez la grande gagnante.

  3. thanks ladies..and I am understanding more of the french! Amazing since I last had French lessons in 7th grade! eons ago

  4. Heheh, it's good your son can give you a reality check. (: But I do know that feeling of rejection, I keep a file folder with dozens of rejections, all art related. Yikes. I probably shouldn't be blabbing about that on the internet, but I think it's just part of being an artist. You just won't make it into every show, every gallery or exhibit!! But life goes on. Love your blog, will be back to visit again.