Thursday, April 8, 2010


I went to the bookstore yesterday and spent way too much on artists magazines and a few guitar books, and a fun yearly called "three by three illustration annual".  The funky artwork is inspiring.

But I am still in a funk.  I definitely have the blues.  Is it a let down from the Open Studio event that I worked so hard on? Or maybe the fact that I want to paint but the ideas and will seem elusive, or the fact that I am paying for studio space and I just want to take a nap?

Whatever it is I just have to ride it out. I can force myself to do things but it it actually depresses me more to do things that seem to have no meaning while I wait for the muse to come back to my life. I don't have ideas for drawing class, I have no real income of my own, I don't want to work for someone else unless it is in the arts, I want the weather to be perfect, I want people to like my artwork enogh to at least buy cards or prints. I hate self smacks of such commercialism and my work just isn't commercial.....I hate being 5 days away from 57 years old..I want to do what I want..but what is that really?

Patience Girl, I tell myself..all in good time. Now I think I will go out to the sun....


  1. I'm sorry you feel this way. I think it's a common feeling among artists, I was really struggling with this today too. And about a month ago I felt like I was in a constant funk. I hate it. I think your work is beautiful. If that means anything :)

    Keep going, it'll work out :) Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I'm sorry you feel like that, I recognise the feeling too...

  3. helps that the sun has warmed me up today!

  4. Robert Motherwell once was in a blocked state, so he spread out 500 small pieces of paper along the floor, then took off all his clothes and busted out with ink and brush on the pieces of paper. Worked all through the night, and by morning he had busted through his "dry spell". I do this in other ways myself when in a funk, or at what feels like a dead end. Moving the body, the arms, let instinct direct what you do, and sure enough, I always bust out of it! Just an idea, worked for Motherwell, and works for me...happy hunting!

  5. wonderful idea..although the naked part seems well....? Thanks