Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 4,2010

It snowed again last night but fairly warm today and it is melting fast. Just in time for a new storm tomorrow that is supposed to bring 5-10 inches!!! So I am posting some little watercolors on different papers that I did as examples for a class I taught.  Some were on a vellum parchment, the antelope is on a rice paper from Thailand, and some on YUPO..that was fun!  


  1. Love the use of color! Sorry to hear you're still stuck in snow. Spring came very early to Maine this year and we are all rejoicing. I know the feeling of extended winter.

  2. I'll bet you do! It will come..I have hope!

  3. Très belles peintures remplies de sensualité et de fraîcheur. bravo