Thursday, July 19, 2012

Not finished yet
Fat Zoe

Another done by young Will

Done by my student.  Will.  Mobilized paper with oil pastels

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I started this painting the other day...hope to get to it tonight.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I have today off, the Canyon where I work is closed due to wildfires which I can see from my house. Actually had visitors to the area angry because the fire restrictions prevented them from having campfires in wilderness areas! This fire was probably started by a back hoe sparking off a rock. The Governor refuses to make a statewide ban on fireworks leaving it up to individual municipalities. I expect there will be more fires. I am feeling tremendously better after my incident a few weeks ago. It has taken a while since the smoke from fires makes it hard on my damaged lungs...but I am finally able to breathe deeply with no pain! The bad part about all of this was I really wanted to paint after work but I would just come home and collapse! Yesterday though I added color to some graphite drawings I did at work. Hoping to start a painting from my photos of up the canyon today. The chickies have grown and are now free ranging...but not too far from coop! They follow me around like puppies. My apricot tree in the meantime is loaded with nice little fruits and we have been enjoying those. I have picked four or five gallon freezer bags full and given away to friends! Amy Lee was spayed week ago Tuesday and her umbilical hernia was fixed too. She is still shedding so much that it is a daily job just cleaning up the hair. I took her to a dog wash yesterday and that was nice. Easier than doing it in the front yard! Hubby got some interesting orthotics to help with stabilizing his ankles. It has really helped his gait. and helped with the pain he was enduring from those snapped tendons. His doctor can operate when Dave can have 12 weeks off to recuperate...but that may be when he retires! Have a great Fourth of July everyone..stay safe and cool!