Friday, April 29, 2011

April 29,2011 Royal wedding sleepyhead

So I got up and watched the royal wedding. I had ulterior motives. I got to spend 9 days in London back in 2008. It was and still is the first and only time I have been "across the pond". I fell in love with this huge city. And have wanted to return. So whenever I get to see it on TV I am enthralled. Besides as a typical US citizen..the pomp and circumstance of the royal doings is fascinating. I admit that one of my favorite things was seeing the royal guard and their magnificent horses. All the uniform braiding and colors, all the weird and wonderful hats on the ladies. It adds up to a must see in my book. Besides the fact that I saw history in the making.
I feel so fortunate to have been privy to so many great things in history. Growing up with a TV in the house..we were treated to space launches, moon landings, Presidents come and go, royal weddings, civil rights marches and speeches and tragedy too. I feel as if I have had an front row seat to some amazing historical events..and this one did not disappoint.
I know a lot of people don't care about this wedding. They don't understand the fuss. But I do wish we had a bit more color in our official proceedings.
It reminds me of going to an LDS chapel (Mormon) and then to a Greek Orthodox church. From drab and uninteresting to colorful, symbolic and way more interesting.
I believe that some people don't know what they are missing,suspending our wallowing in the day to day to see something beautiful. For the eye candy of color and wonder alone. Needless to say the fact that a nice young man who has lived a life with tragedy and made it through with grace to marry a girl he obviously loves..well need I say more.
But as I am wont to do..I will say a bit more..I am not really a wedding fan. So few are happy. But this one seems so much more happy than the one before (Diana and Charles). Kate seems to have her head on straight, William seems a sensitive young man...I hope they find a happiness that can be an example to the rest of us. Why not some happiness in this time of war, natural disasters and polarizing hatred?
There I have said it...I am not advocating for a monarchy but I am advocating for beauty, symbolism, happiness, color and hope.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27,2011..job hunt!!!

Ahhh the job hunt..had a telephone interview for a seasonal job up the canyon this morning. It was pleasant, and I hope I get it but I was told there were others being interviewed. So patience is the name of the game.
I have an interview Friday afternoon for a phone job pays well..but I have so far taken 3 tests! Word problems, math problems,and a personality test! I wonder what these tests really tell someone. They ask the same question over and over again in different ways and quite honestly..I get tired of them. I have taken a few and not gotten the maybe I am flunking the personality tests!!! I have now taken the tack that my honesty can be brutal..but I am not trying to say what I think they want to hear. Frankly..I don't care. You see the real me in an interview and on the job. You will see that I am dependable and friendly with customers and can do a job. Isn't that what you want? Also I am not a thief..always a plus for retail jobs. Who cares if I feel aloof sometimes or want to be liked..what kind of questions are those anyway?
It reminds me of the snoopy co-worker who wants to know more than needed and sometimes uses it to undermine your position..yes I have run into them..
But that said..I really don't want some jobs. I know I need the money but do I need the hassle and invasion of privacy?
What does this have to do with art? Nothing.
I did go to the craft store yesterday and bought some more glitter, ink,2 canvas boards with deep cradles..6x6 inches, some more embossing powder and a few bottle of acrylic paint..only .99 cents!
What am I doing? I really don't know but whatever it is will be fun.
I am going to try to get to the studio this week and cut mats for 2 long paintings to enter in the Utah County Art Show on Sat.
Oops i have to get my drivers' license renewed too. Now you have to have 3 forms of proof you are who you are and that flimsy social security card better not be laminated!!! Well mine is since it is over 40 years I have to get out a w2 tax form that has my SS#.
More issues.
oh well...I am posting pictures of my yard from Monday. We were supposed to have had a hard freeze last night so hope the apricots, cherries and peach tree didn't get harmed.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26,2011..ETSY site!!!

Good news..I finished putting some art on Etsy and sold a piece this morning!!! Wow that was fast. Here is hoping it wasn't a fluke.
It has been snowing off and on today...YUCK
I found out about a public art project today for our local SLC alternative newspaper...The City Weekly. They wanted 10 artists to paint,decorate, create art with one of their metal newspaper boxes that sit in public places.
So I emailed the director and asked for the info. She had me email her some photos of my art..which I did right away..and then she said yes, arrange to pick up the box at their warehouse!!! All 10 will be featured as part of the Salt Lake Art Festival! There will be press and videos made! That is a big 3 day festival that is juried. So I am I have to come up with some designs and see if I can implement them. The only rules are no nudes,duh, the box has to open so papers can be retrieved and the name City Weekly has to be somewhere in the design. I am thinking of adding metal forms to it..we shall see..I can't stop thinking about it...I had a hard time concentrating on the drive to and from the grocery store and then went on a bit of a binge and spent more than I planned...head in the clouds!
Tomorrow I have a phone job interview with a woman in Tuscon, Arizona. She will interview me for a retail clerk job at the Timpanogos Cave National Monument which is just up the road and canyon so close to my home! There is a wonderful cave full of stalagtites and stalagmites that is way up the mountain. The office and store are at the foot of the trail. It is a temporary job..end of May to Sept. but could be fun. I love our canyon. So I include a photo of the piece I sold..before it is shipped to Virginia, a photo of the American Fork Canyon from my yard and maybe something else! ok there is a drawing I did dedicated to an injured fawn I found up the canyon, "Nest of Thief" is sold, I thought this was the canyon but it is of my horse in the trees,so the one with the lovely clouds is my canyon! Have a great day

Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 24,2011

I did post some art on Etsy today. I hope you all will visit! Have a Great Easter Sunday.

Friday, April 22, 2011

April 22,2011

I went to collect the poor paintings that didn't get into the show. And as usual I was in good company. There were 2000 entries and only 250 (I think) made it in. They were hung and it was a nice show.There were 50 Honored Utah Artists who automatically get one piece in for having been in so many shows or received awards in the salon..whatever the criteria..I am always amazed that over the last 2 years it hasn't been their best work. I know the work of these artists and they are phenomenal artists but I wonder why some of them don't bring their best for the premier salon in our state? Not all of them slack but some do!
I think if I gained that status especially in this nice venue..I would try to bring in a good as not to disappoint those who know my work and expect much. fair is it for the younger, or unknowns to find a spot in the limited venue? If you don't want to honor the venue and your status then don't take the spot.
OK that is not a whine for my not getting in. Because I do have an eye and I saw some wonderful art in the basement, waiting to go home with disappointed artists.
That said..I posted the Rock Wall which came home today. The other is on my header..Look To The Sky.
The good news is that after my eye doctor appt. tomorrow I am setting up my Etsy site.
Then I am going to host a giveaway for my lovely blogger friends who have been so supportive. I love you guys. I hope your Easter weekend is warm and sunny!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April, 20,2011

well I get to go on a drive to retrieve the rejects from the Springville museum. Sigh. I took time off from entering shows..costs of framing and entry fees and all those rejections!!! Well back again...
I think I need to work deeper..if you know what I mean.
I look at my recent art and know it has to grow and go somewhere..just where?
It is nice that I get positive reactions but I rarely get good constructive it is up to me to analyze and move myself forward.
Somedays it seems easier to stay in bed!
Does that sound like depression? Well I admit to having depression, having fought it, wallowed in it, conquered it many times in my adult life.
At least I recognize it when I am in it or heading to the depths!
So I feel I can work with it.
It might be time to let it become a part of my art.
I wish I could be satisfied with doing art for myself. I know, I know..even I have passed that advice along..but we are human and don't we crave approval?
I have felt slightly narcissistic for wanting official recognition of my art efforts but I know this is not the be all and end all of my life. It is just something I want! Like a child wanting attention from a mother who is busy doing housework..I sit on the steps and watch her take care of others.
Even with that ..I know as an educated life experienced adult that I need to make things happen for myself.
So I began again to enter shows and other venues and again I am feeling a bit battered.
I try not to be jealous of lovely artist friends who get to sell their work, who have scores of shows. I am happy for them, they so deserve it...and at the same time I want that for myself.
I am trying not to do the things that failed before...but the feelings are kind of the same.
So hopefully I have not depressed any one into sharing my little misery today. Just know that I love you all, I am so happy when your art lives are successful, you inspire me..but I want something for me too..and I just have to figure that out!!!
So I think I will head to the studio and lick my wounds for a tiny bit and then get on with it whatever it is!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17,2011

these are what I just finished. Now I need a nap!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 14,2011

Today is an auspicious day in history..on this day in 1953 I was born!!!! Haha..the older I get the goofier I get.
I had a fun week..
I received a small painting in a giveaway by Cyd Rust.
I got a tiny pot of tartan flowers in a giveaway by Sophia in Edinburgh.
I got a page done in the art journal making the rounds from Peggy Krantz.Sending it out to you tomorrow Peggy.
I gave away 3 paintings from my own drawing during the open studio and met some fabulous people.
The wind blew at 69 miles per hour last night.
It snowed a bit this morning.
My Hubby treated me to a cheeseburger and fries and fry sauce for lunch.Really everyone should try Arctic Circle Yukon gold french fries with the Utah fry sauce!
My youngest son bought me Bambi on blu ray disc to go along with the blu ray player he gave me for Christmas.
My mother told me I was getting too old!
We had 2 conversations this week where we giggled the whole time..BTW she is 85 and I am 58!
One of my hens literally laid her egg in my hand as I was looking for her egg!!
Here are some pics!

Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

The tiniest signs of spring today..and long awaited sunshine on Amy!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I did this painting today and here is the you can say I bored you all today!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4,2011

these are the other 4 paintings I did. Thinking about calling the series " Between Earth and Orion" or Between Earth and Sky", Possibly "Sandstone and Nebula".
I plan to start a larger one to enter in the Spring Salon at Springville art museum today. Have the vet coming to look at my horse Diamond. He needs his teeth floated (ouch) and dewormed..lost a lot of weight this winter. Hoping to get him on the mend so he can be fat and sassy again. He likes to run the fence at night. A white Arab against the dark night. I think he fancies himself a wild desert Stallion! Had to get into the mud to get a halter on snowed yesterday. Today the sun is out but I am heartily sick of winter!!!