Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21,2010

Well the rejection sting lessened considerably after I saw the 800 works that were rejected!! my gosh there are talented artists in Utah! Now the curiosity is to see what actually got in and how funky, avant garde it is..should be interesting. Posting pics of my newly aquired rooster and hen. My good friend said the rooster attacked her teen son and was being attacked by the other rooster..hence the shortened tail feathers. So I agreed to take him, but said he would be lonely without a hen since the chickie babes were too young to put she let me pick a hen and she is a beauty! I think he is a Dominique and she is an araucana..I hope. Also she has a lovely litle peach tree in bloom and it looked so prety against the sky today before the big old storm came in..which I am also posting!


  1. love the color of your background...and these are wonderful chickens, hope you get what you want out of them...seems you got the storm we have had and still have as i look out on gray skies...very tired of that.

    glad you seem to be feeling better.

  2. 800 entries! Wow. The world of writing is the same way. On a different day, with a different set of judges, the result could change. The only option is to keep going, keep being creative and putting your work out there. Hope the skies clear up soon.