Tuesday, April 13, 2010

here is one of my drawings I did this weekend. I used the caran d' ache watersoluble pencils. So I got to do clear water washes and satisfy the painter in me. These drawings turned out kind of creepy..which was the idea..see my older post for the first 2.  This is a squid that was displayed at the Pitt River Museum in Oxford, England which turned out to be my favorite place in Oxford. Reminded me of all those old Indiana Jones style movies with shrunken heads in old cases and mummies, and skeletons, and drawers in old cabinets full of specimens. The back room was dark and dusty and wonderful..packed full of artifacts from eskimo dolls to chinese jade and those aforementioned shrunken heads.  I understand that the museum has been revamped and I hope they haven't changed it too much..

As for my bitter missive of yesterday..I am much better. Just needed to vent apparently! I do feel that the youngsters I spoke of have their focus on one thing that is successful and don't stray from their original ideas...I , on the other hand, try everything. I have so many ideas I need to be alive for at least another 50 years to do them..without trying more new things that I might disover along the way!

I do have the occasion when my pea brain kicks in and says..guess what..you aren't in school anymore and can do whatever you want! You don't need to be the good student..you can be as out there as you want...

When I actually feel that way I feel a real connect to my childhood and the wonder I felt as I read books, sat outside watching birds, hiked in the woods near my home..wish I could bottle that feeling and have it a lot more..but it wouldn't be as sweet I am sure.


  1. It's nice, when one comes across some real drawing.

  2. Hi Kay, a good quality drawing here not lacking in sensitivity. You are right, the Pitt Rivers Museum is just about the best thing in Oxford. I know what you mean about school "regulating" our minds - yes, we can do what we want. I am just now learning not to worry about painting like anybody else (which in some ways is an extension of the school myth that the teacher causes the learning). Looking inside ourselves rather than all the time looking out for guidance, inspiration, etc. is hard but It's something we have to strive for as painters.

  3. That museum sounds like it was a wonderful experience (love the drawing!). I hope their upgrade didn't take away that atmosphere. So many places have lost their great atmosphere due to 'upgrades' - it will be a pity if kids of this generation never get to experience the musty, dusty inspirational things in life!

  4. That wonderful drawing shows what a great artist you really are and what a treasure that octopus is. There's love in the details. Good job!