Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 27,2010

Correction to my previous blog..my friend Scott Stanley actually got Best in Show in the Arizona show and a third place! I went to Salt Lake City today to see Scott's show at the Anderson Foothill Library. I had been there years ago but couldn't remember how to get there..So I enjoyed my jigjog around the cute neighborhoods and drooled over wonderful flower gardens and small tudor, or victorian houses for sale. Then I passed the library and had to do more back tracking to get back to it as there is a median out front and no u turns! More wonderful little neighborhoods and then I got into the little parking lot. Scott was a fellow student while we were at the University of Utah and we became close friends. I would love to have his energy! His sketchbooks are a wonder! so many figures, animals..piled on each other, dropping off pages, he has a great line quality and gets the figure in a few wonderful lines. His paint colors are bright..just like his personality.
I got to see him at my open studio..his cute Japanese wife and their 1 yr. old baby boy. Made me happy to see them. So when I got his posting on Facebook about his win..I truly was thrilled.
I fully intended to take pics today but forgot! Quite unlike my Mom who has a camera that needs to be surgically removed from her hand! I had determined I would not see the world through a camera lense. I was shocked at the over 1000 pics I took in Europe..but glad to have them. So I was trying to concentrate on driving and didn't get pics of the lovely gardens. And pursed lipped little old librarians were suspicious enough of me..if I had whipped out my little camera..I was afraid they might tackle me!
I have my last guitar lesson tonight. I did not practice because I was so sick this past week. And today the arthritis in my hands is acting up with the major weather change coming. But that is ok. we had a nice group and learned alot of tools to help me should I get to practice more. My goal is to have at least 5 songs memorized and flawless...then I can move on..that should take me the rest of the year!!!!
Decided to make stuffed green peppers today too..smells good. I so rarely cook but felt like I wanted to use up my produce before it goes bad!!
Oh and yesterday my hike with my son was good. You have to understand that I have been gaining weight, and been eating all wrong, and not moving enough. This week of sickness really rang the bell for me. At my age i should be so much more fit and vigilant. So I am like a real out of shape novice and Shane is adamant that I get into shape so we can see the world on foot not from the car window!!
How nice to have a son who really cares enough to crack the whip on his old Mom!
He wanted to take a portion of the Bonneville Shore Trail. This is a trail that follows along the upper benches of the Waatch Mountain range which runs along the East side of Salt lake City, from Ogden in the north and Santaquin in the south. It is a trail based on the shoreline of the ancient Bonneville lake of which the Great salt lake is the remaining bit of it. You can find petrified shells at around 6000 ft above sea level as you follow the old shoreline. The trail isn't complete yet, portions still need to be finished but we decided to take a bit that was in Pleasant Grove. Trouble was we ended up on the wrong trail and it was all uphill! So we retreated and went to the Provo canyon Trail and walked 2 miles of it. It is paved and follows the Provo river. I really felt good afterward. I am the kind of person whose body responds quickly to exercise..you would think it would make me want to get into better shape..but...
Anyway Shane made me drink a protein drink right after the hike and one bfore I went to bed and my muscles felt a little sore but not bad..lots of water too. This is good for someone so overweight and sedentary..now I need to keep it up.
But again..no pics because my hands had my walking sticks and I was simply enjoying the walk.
So here are my tulips


  1. lovely tulips! And good for you. I'm in the same place as you- I use to walk and jog all the time but lately have gotten very sedentary and I can feel the sluggishness. I'm looking forward to the spring work and maybe I'll get out and walk more. It was encouraging to read about how it helped your mood!

  2. Vos tulipes sont radieuses et nous ouvrent les bras!
    J'espère que votre convalescence se passe de mieux en mieux et que vous allez pouvoir profiter des trésors du printemps...

  3. A great read and a good blog. Keep it up I will follow with interest. Thanks for commenting on mine.