Friday, April 23, 2010

April 23,2010

The new hen graced us with an egg today, her first since coming here and not having a coop. The dog house is temporary, and I am surprised she felt comfortable enough to lay an has been cold and rainy for days!I have one of those awful head colds and thought that since I was house bound I could sketch but even that didn't happen..just lay around sneezing and aching. The baby chicks are getting their feathers in and need a bigger area!
A friend invited me to a show of her artwork. She is technically very good and produces a lot of work, but maybe not so me. But it is nice that she is getting recognition. Another friend got into the show that I didn't get into..That has happened 3 times now! Kind of amusing. We have decided that if she wants to get into a show I should enter it too so she can get in.
I feel like I am not producing anything..haven't been in the studio for days and fighting this cold makes me want to sleep not paint. I know I have to take care of myself but this is getting tiresome! Dealing with illness, depression and rejection is asking a lot!
Someone did buy a greeting card of one of my paintings today..I got a whole .63 for it! Talk about baby steps!
I am posting the "Three Wise Ones" the one that is now a greeting card for some nice person!


  1. I hope you keep your spirits up. You're a good artist and you know it. The image of the bison shows you are.

  2. Hi!
    J'espère que votre rhume sera très vite un mauvais souvenir et que votre engouement pour la peinture revienne vite.
    Je pense que vous êtes aussi fort que ces beaux bisons!

  3. Thanks Ladies, appreciate the words!