Friday, April 9, 2010

April 9,2010

Today it is cool but very sunny. My mood is a bit better. Made to the studio and started 2 small watercolors. I decided I wanted to do some highly colored,washy watercolors with animal subjects. I went to two art stores and spent a bundle on hot press and cold pressed 22"x30" 300# arches and some arches cover for some nice drawings. I also have some tulips and periwinkles blooming so I am posting those pics, pics of paintings in progress and puggies..what would a day be without puggies?

The next step is to finish a few small watercolors to establish how I want to proceed and then do some full sheet paintings..color color color..that is what makes me happy.

The bigger pug looking at the camera is Frankie and the other is Little Jesse James. 

The crane in the painting will be a sandhill crane after I remove the frisket.  The yellow is actually bees and a flower..many more washes to come.

Tomorrow I have to teach drawing and I am having the students bring in toned paper and pastel pencils or conte, 3 colors only ..a dark, a light and a medium color and I will see if they can build forms with lights and darks only.

Their next assignment in 3 weeks will be to draw a detailed pencil drawing of a tree or plant or even a building from life using a variety of mark making to indicate form, shadow and light.

I have started a tree drawing and am using caran d ache water soluble pencils..they are soft and wonderful to use. I will post a pic of my efforts tomorrow.

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