Monday, April 19, 2010


These last few weeks have been a lesson in humility, a search for inspiration, the questions. Depression and losing my way..painting in vain and struggle with everything. I have thought that I have worried too much about success, feeling hopeless that I would ever sell, wondering about the decisions of entering I ready? Should I take the time to quiet my thoughts, not overthink this, paint for it ever enjoyable? The brief connection with my child memories, the scintillating flash if the brush or paint or composition actually work..not enough of these moments makes me want them more and hence the overthinking, the frustration and mistakes. Am I trying too hard? Am I worried that I am too old to get this going, that I will run out of time and health before I actually get it right for me?I want to just sleep, to dream of my paintings, to live in that netherworld that doesn't ask much of me but to just observe. Is that what I have ben missing all this time? Just observe and be aware? What ever it is I am stuck, and fighting to get out. Like quicksand I think to myself that I should just lay back and float out of this but the fighter in me kicks and screams and hurts and cries out..not much different from my childhood!
Reading " Design and composition secrets of professional artists" put out by International Artist Magazine. The artist Alan Bruce says " I suggest students not hanker for success because it is "the process" and the resulting individualization that is most important.If the art you produce is the best you can do,success will come to you in due course, otherwise you can create a whopping blockage-which is what often occurs. The way to establish your art is through honesty and integrity. An abused gift will always fly back to haunt you."
The word hanker is apropo...I do want success, I do want adulation, I do want money to defray bills and feel like this is the right way to go...I guess I am just news there.
So I think it is time to back off a bit and just paint to paint. maybe garden a myself and my ideas, visualize them more fully, I am surprised at how hard it is to paint..and I have been painting for such a long time! maybe I need to be much more honest with myself,
I am posting a painting I did in high school after a student exchange in Mexico.


  1. I think you must go on to paint without telling you why and is my painting good or less good than orther... You paint on first for you to put on your canvas your emotions your feeling;
    After if your work is attractive to people ok... but go on!
    I love it...

  2. I hate weeks like this, when nothing looks good. But I think those are the times we learn the most. Yucky.

  3. thanks for the kind words...

  4. And paint and paint and paint. And then paint some more.

  5. Kay, We all feel that way at times, at least I do. Then I have to back off with my feelings, paint what is exciting to me, not what I think someone would like to buy. The best thing I have done with my painting was to make a commitment to post every day for 6 months. I found my style came to the foreground and my painting improved, at least in my eyes. When I am happier with what I do, it matters less to me what others think. Compete with yourself.

  6. Hi Kay,
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog! Had to check you out and I really like your work...especially a pronghorn and raven one in your studio. We all go through the blah times....breathe in the spring and keep going!
    best wishes to you,

  7. welcome and thanks! I like that one too