Saturday, April 10, 2010

here are two drawings I did yesterday. I started out doing a tree in my side yard and it kind of morphed into something darker. Then I took that and did the second tree based on a memory of seeing a hummingbird nest on a low branch of a pine tree many years ago.  Of course it is all from my head and kind of fun.  I used the Caran D Ache watersoluble pencils and drew then washed them with a brush and clear water then I went back in several times and added detail and erased areas.  It is hard for me to stay with the pencil since I want to dress it up with color but these little dark style drawings did not need color in my opinion.  I thelped to be watching the Harry Potter movie "Order of the Phoenix" while drawing for a creepy factor!


  1. Très jolis dessins d'arbres... Je pense que les arbres sont l'âme de la terre. Ils nous parlent et nous ressourcent... Ceux-ci me paraissent tellement vivants. magnifique travail.

  2. Thanks! I am brushing up on my french!

  3. i've enjoyed my visit and your wildlife, nature drawings, paintings. keep drawing! and painting! and your paintbox will be filled when you are ready.