Saturday, August 27, 2011

Aug. 27.2011


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 23,2011

figured out the phone. Got the app for taking credit cards approved. Getting chores done and knees feel good today.
I did try the watercolor batik technique I read about in a magazine. I realized that it will take much more planning, drawing, forethought than I had given it to begin with. I will take a pic tomorrow when I get to the studio.
It is hot as blazes here. Should be in low 80's but is in high 90's. So me and the dogs are chillin in house with ceiling fan and window air conditioners!
When I did the experimental watercolor batik, I was in a hurry and easily frustrated. That is when I did a bit of soul searching and decided I needed to slow down, try harder to pay attention to details and do a lot more art!!!
I have a tendency to jump in the deep end,make messes, then have to find my way out, or repair, rethink, redo.
I never thought of myself as impetuous, or impatient but I am!!!
I also have been buying some interesting books.
Now don't laugh..but last year I went to a small art reception for a young woman and an older woman, I did not know them or their work. They both did fantasy type art..dragons, faeries, enchanted things. I was amused, and intrigued. I wouldn't say they were the very best at that kind of art..but it was appealing. It wasn't long after that I did my Green Man series.
I felt like I was taking a weird turn and sat back on all of it..until the other day I was at a craft store and saw two enticing books. I picked them up barely looked inside and bought them. Talk about impulse shopping!! One is the Fairy Artists Figure Drawing Bible and the other Dreamscapes Myth and Magic, Creating legendary creatures and characters in watercolor. I admit that the cover art was lovely and I wanted them like a child wants something. I realized..I could buy these and make no excuses, ask no one's permission. So I laid out the cash!
Now I am usually of a sound mind, and have been known to laugh at the people who chase after Big Foot, Yetis, Faeries, Little people. But I have to admit a deep seated longing for believing as a child would and seeing, or feeling the magical presences in old mysterious trees, shady glens, stormy canyons. I have read C.S. Lewis and the Lion, Witch and The Wardrobe, Lord of the Rings, and many other- worldly adventure stories. I feel like a kid when reading them. I remember times as a child reading wonderful tales, hiding trinkets in holes in trees for Faery children. Feeling watched over as I played in the woods near home, imaginary friends. I was a dreamy child, and every once in a while, I feel the same dreaminess, while looking up through trees to the clouds, watching birds, seeing wildlife up the canyon. I love those moments, and wish I could hang on to them longer. I then decided to go to the bookstore and see if I could find more lovely dream books and I came home with How to draw and paint Fairyland. By the same author as the Fairy artists Figure drawing bible.(Linda Ravenscroft) Isn't that a neat name? The other book is by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.
I find myself taking them to bed and poring over them until I feel sleepy..hoping I will dream of magical things. Does this mean I will start doing Faery art? Dragons, Hobgoblins? Possibly. Once again I search my thought processes and realize that if I chose to do something like these books describe..I want to make sure it is mine and my way but well done. (magical beings in American Fork Canyon? Or in the red rock canyons of southern Utah? It could be fun. Like my using glitter in my mixed media works..I know I risk not being taken seriously but do I care? No.
I just want to find the dreamy child and create beautiful, appealing art.
This past year I guess I have been preparing for this change because I have sought out my favorite books from childhood. I just finished reading the Secret Garden. I am still trying to find books that I read long ago and cannot remember the titles. I guess it helps me find my childhood, my buried soul, my quiet self.
So I am looking for 2 books I used to take out from the library. One was about a young Native American and his friend, a skunk. The other is about dolls who live in a garden and talk to each other coming alive I remember.
If this seems like wishing I was a child again..well yes and no.
I was a lonely child and I would not want to feel that way again. I wanted some things so much it hurt. A pony, to live out west, thankfully I made those things come to pass and I don't feel such anxiousness any more.
But finding that inner calmness and willingness to see magic in a living that is worth seeking I believe! I think I want more fun and more play and this art seems like it could help me create a world that could lead to a freedom of thought and creativity. Just sayin!
So here is a painting I have posted see I think of animals as individuals and I think the art I have been doing is leading me to child-like freedom.

Monday, August 15, 2011


my Saturday today!!!
Finally a chance to figure out the smarty pants phone I bought. Geez..touch screen is touchy!!! But it has some wonderful features.
I wanted one so I could use a gps app for geocaching. But can't get it figured out yet.
And I can download an app for taking credit cards at the next open studio.
Not that I needed to justify the purchase. I waited over a year for an upgrade so I could make sure of what I wanted.
And I downloaded some classics so I have books to read. I sure have been tempted by all the tablets out there. but this will have to do for a while!!!
Saw a bat yesterday at work. what a cute little thing.

ok..didn't know how to put a good bat photo up so I did the next best thing..Jesse James as a bat for Halloween!
2 pics of American Fork Canyon

Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 6,2011

a banded alder borer, watercolor, ink, acrylic on paper..6"x6"

Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4,2011

Knotty Greenman, watercolor, ink, gesso on paper.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 1,2011

cloud pics and kitty pics, enjoy