Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2nd,2011 Sunshine!!!!!

Today the birds are chirping, the cats are lounging in the sun and it is actually 50 degrees! I have been dreaming of flowers and earthquakes!
The flowers part I get because I am planning a new vegie garden in an area that gets full sunlight and I can fence it off to keep out the critters. I would like to grow some gourds and corn along with the tomatoes and lettuce. My other garden which I have used for years has become too shady because our neighbors have left Russian Olive to flourish along the fence line shading too much of our garden. I could have asked them to cut them down but they probably would have reacted badly..never been too neighborly!
So then they moved their sheep pen up and the sheep have been eating the trees so eventually the sun will be back! They moved the pen within 3o feet of our house and it might stink this summer so I will have to talk to them..but not until it happens. It has been interesting..but they are a subject for another day!. So the little garden plot became a burial ground for my last 2 German Shepherds because the ground was frozen elsewhere and there they lay in the soft dirt of the shady garden corner. So my plan is to plant lots of marigolds, asters, zinnias, bachelor buttons and let them just go wild. More inspiration for paintings.
The earthquake dreams are something else entirely! Maybe because of the terrible New Zealand quake and the Haiti quake and the dire warnings we get constantly of the big one coming here..I dreamed I was trying to get out of a valley behind a dammed lake before the quake destroyed the dam. I had my Dad and Mom and all of my family and somehow I was the one who was in charge of herding them up and up and away from danger. I haven't dreamed of my Dad since he died..I didn't want it to be this scary!!! Still somehow..I managed to keep a hold of my parents and it seems we were safe but so many others were not. Maybe because I watched a PBS documentary last night about the Triangle fire in New York City at the turn of the century. It was a factory full of women garment makers and tragically 200 died and it changed the way US industry treated it's workers. Yikes no more tragic stories before bedtime!
The good news is Hubby will survive..he had pneumonia and it turned to bronchitis but is on its way out.
The other news is I will be rescuing a German Shepherd on Saturday. Her name is Amy and I saw her as a baby. She is actually a great grand daughter of my old Champion Tino. She is 4 yrs. old and housebroken..which is great. She was taken home by one family who divorced and put her with another family who has too many dogs and their female is fighting with poor Amy. So here I am..the woman without a German Shepherd and now will try her out! I am sure she will fit in nicely with our family. I hear she is very sweet. I really do want a male puppy someday but I can help this girl have a better safer life..hopefully she gets along with cats!!! I know the pugs will like her.
It will be nice to have her..I miss having a large dog, the puggies are darling but they are definitely Hubby's dogs and I want a companion who can go to the studio with me and hang out. So I will take pics and post the news on Amy when I get her.
I hope you all had sweet dreams last night and have a great day..
I am posting a watercolor I did a while ago. I am sure I have posted it before..but I like Pelicans and I love the Opus Pink watercolor paint I got from Da Vinci watercolors!


  1. Yes, I like the pelicans too. They are so light and pretty. I look forward to pictures of Amy. Have a great day Kay.

  2. Une oeuvre qui ne manque pas d'intérêt... J'aime tant les animaux... Bisous

  3. Earthquakes! Does the earth move?

    Glad to hear the old guy is on the mend.