Thursday, March 17, 2011

This was a small series I did for a 3D class. As you can see I am not a 3D artist but these were fun.The kitty is a zen garden with a tiny rake and stone and sand. The Beastie Box #1 (the one with the gorilla figure in the top) was juried into a big student show and was a bit of a hit! I did feel a bit crazy when I cut up the gorilla baby and glued it up. I did the same for my totem which I am posting as a header. Poor old Moosie got his legs chopped off!!! Yikes!
Happy Saint Patrick's Day. (added a few detail shots of the totem)


  1. Vous avez de multitudes talents... bravo!
    gros bisous

  2. Very nice work, Kay. It shows you're a true artist because you can work in different media.

  3. Can't decide if I like the Beastie Box or kitty the best. But then there's your mural which I love.
    Glad I discovered your blog.