Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 26, 2011

Today was the last day of our spring open studio at Poor Yorick studios. The only bad thing about participating is that there is no time to go looking at the other 39 studios and almost 50 artists! I was having some drawings for a watercolor painting framed and a small one matted and have 104 entries! Friday night is the big party. hundreds come many dressed in their oddest clothing to come and have some wine and be seen. The first 6pm were the eaters..the one's who go from studio to studio eating the goodies we put out. They don;t even look at the art!!! Then the families with kids come and that is fun. I give away things to all the kids..this year was bookmarks. Then the real art people show up and close us down always after 10pm. My poor back gave out around 9pm and I had to slack off and sit on a stool while the crowds ebbed and flowed. I did sell. Not large pieces but many of the smaller ones. I had a lot of food..corn chips, salsa w/ cream cheese, whole grain selection of crackers, 3 different cheeses. Merlot, Spanish red wine, strawberries, clementine tangerines, snow peas, celery, carrots, pickles, and fancy olives, 4 kinds of cookies, iced green tea and some cane sugar sodas. My friend from school, Dave hung some of his little impressionistic paintings and then sat and read a book on his Ipod!!! He is a great guy..but I feel like I have to greet and talk about my art. I am trying to sell after all! I was invited to enter a mini artworks show by a local gallery owner. And some jurors from the local art festival showed up and told me they wanted me to enter for next years fest. I was able to really connect..I guess practice is helpful. This is my third open studio. I am jazzed to start a few new series to enter in upcoming events. Guess my self imposed exile from submissions is over..that is the good news and the other good news that the fun I had doing all my little paintings really evoked responses from many people. I heard a lot of your work makes me smile, I love your use of color, this is the most fun art here..needless to say I enjoyed that!!! So it was a great time but it wears me out!!! Saturday is slower but still busy. and I sold more things. Dave was late and then left early but it is stressful and he has never participated in something like this before. More kids on Saturday. Anyway..posting some pics and tomorrow my son will be drawing for possibly 4 drawings.My Son Shane and his sweet girl Alyssa posed for a picture too. Have a great rest of the weekend


  1. Congratulations on your sales and on the end of your self imposed exile from submissions!!! Can't wait to see what you do next!

  2. It's hard work networking but I suppose it's well worth it in the end. Good luck with everything Kay.

  3. Wow! you've been really busy- lots of hard work and amazing art. way to go on your sales too!