Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14,2011 Planning a giveaway

I managed to get over 50 small, tiny paintings matted this weekend. I got over 50 bookmarks finished. Mind you..these are all small!
After my open studio and getting some paintings done for a library show entry I will be offering a few small things in a giveaway..April. When I am ready to post..all you have to do is comment and I will pick the winner out of one of my awesome hats..well maybe I will have someone help on that. I am also planning to roll out an Etsy site in April also. And I might be doing an auction on stay tuned.
So I seem to be coming out of my funk and I owe it all to the sun which graced us with its presence for a few days.
Plus I got tired of trying to figure out why I was in a funk and just decided to get out of it!
I posted 3 of the little paintings here. I was having fun choosing mat colors and sizes. The other day I went to the local art store where they sell bags of leftover mat material from their framing store. For $2.00 each I picked up 2 bags..heavy! ..and they were full of scrap material in many colors. Harder to come up with uniform framing sizes so each will be in a clear bag and the option for a buyer to remat and frame. I could have spent $10.00 and got uniform 8x10 inch mat scraps...but I couldn't resist the color options of the cheaper bags.
Then I stamped some of the mats to continue themes from the paintings. The suede mat surfaces turned out awesome. I get to spend time at the studio and then help with the postcards for the open studio. Have a great day.
I apologize if the title of this post gets you here prematurely!!! I was just excited about getting some fun going..giveaways are more premature announcements until I have a set date!


  1. Tout plein de couleurs... ils sont adorables vos petites peintures... Bisous

  2. I love your little paintings and I still cannot get over the fact that you make your own stamps from erasers. Multi-talented!

  3. I love your paintings! So happy you are moving forward!