Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 5,2011..Amy

Went to get Amy today. The people who had her were very nice but so overwhelmed. Too many dogs, dirt and useless adult children mooching and sitting in front of the TV. The husband is disabled and elderly..the Mom bless her heart had no money and no time..So I think it is good that I was able to take the girl. She is very sweet and well behaved..probably because she is confused. But she seems fine with the cats who spit at her then went away and the pugs who greeted her like a long lost friend. She went to the Petsmart and got outfitted with a new collar (pink with dog bones motif)..and some food. Tried to interest her in a toy but she was more interested in the kids shopping with their parents. So another day for that.
She is much larger than my poor Raven and not as feminine in the head but with a super pedigree and body and movement. I am a bit of a snob..having bred and shown GSDs for over 30 years. So I see the looks and pedigree and then I toss that aside because she is in need and so sweet. I see no reason it won't work out..and I certainly would not want to take her back to the chaotic household she was in.I wonder how some people live!!I came home and looked at my little old place that needs paint and cosmetic work and I was so glad it was shabby but clean!
So now it is all done and I have the rest of the weekend to create and hang out. I think she likes the quiet and calmness..I know I do!!! Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. She is lovely and it's good you're able to give her a stable home where she's sure to be happy - a contagious emotion.

    I like the bear painting in the background too.

  2. Thanks Susan..that is "Giant Jesus Bear" and it is too big to hang in my little house!!!!

  3. I'm glad you have a shepherd again!!! What a beauty! You'll be the best thing that happens to her, no doubt!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend creating and getting to know your new girl.