Friday, March 4, 2011

A beautiful day

The Rooster I Call Bob and one of his harem, The old cottonwood, Frankie and Jesse James.
A lovely day of sun and puffy clouds against a very blue sky. Collected 6 eggs, bought 2 huge bags of mat board pieces for $2.00 each!, Had great views of the mountains east of Provo as I drove to the art supply store there. Got the matte board and gold and silver ink. Stopped at the bookstore and bought 4 magazines! Guess I need to renew subscriptions..I got the annual poultry edition of Hobby Farms, Art Calendar,American Artist, and a special edition of Mother Earth News-Guide to Organic Gardening. And picked up my fave alternative newspaper at the grocery store (City Weekly)while stopping to buy whole grain bread and a little chocolate for later.
Now I am watching the news while making pasta salad to cool in the fridge for tomorrow.
So no art today but many ideas for a mural presentation that I hope to enter for the Commuter train stations just west of us. And I am going to enter the Springville spring salon..nothing like a bit of sun is just what I needed!
Hope you all are having a great day too.


  1. Ces photos sont fort sympathiques... Et votre toutou a une bonne bouille. Je vous souhaite une bonne journée. Bisous

  2. Nice selection of photos, your hen looks like one I used to have when I lived in Malawi she was called Priscilla