Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2, 2011..back again!!!

Maybe dreams of earthquakes and flowers were somehow an omen for today!!! I was having a nice morning, I had talked to my Mom. I took a nice leisurely shower and went to work a little early. Did I tell you how I have been enjoying my little dry cleaning job? I have been training and have made a few mistakes but nothing difficult. Everyone nice as could be. When I go to work and am happy to do so then things are all ok..right??? So a week and 1/2 into the job and I was let go today!!! The nice manager came to me as soon as I clocked in and asked to speak to me..uh oh..did I pull a bonehead maneuver? Well no. One of the owners had hired 2 teenagers and didn't need me. Was it ageism? economics? or the fact that the 18 yr. old sulky teen that was training me wanted her friends there instead of me? Since my mistakes were minor, not repeated and no one knew about them unless she told someone. Poor manager was angry. He wanted to keep me and he did not have a say in the hiring of the youngsters. In this economy he couldn't fight the decision too hard..after all he has a family to support. Of course the teens don't have mortgages or bills to pay and they sit on the counters and refuse to be trained on something out of their comfort zone. Still..this is my cynic nasty self..maybe the owners wanted nubile surly teens helping the customers instead of the AARP member. What ever the reason..poor manager asked if he could call me back if the teens flaked out. I was honest..yes..I like to work, want to work and am dependable i told him. But I told him there would be some stipulations if it comes to being asked to return. Left on a friendly note and applied at the new craft store opening in town. Best laid plans..I was planning my bill paying and ability to contribute and then the paycheck is gone. So I get to do more art and hopefully spend more time with Amy the German Shepherd when I get her. Hubby who is feeling really good now took me to a nice lunch.
We were just outside smelling the wet that the bit of rain know that smell..the pines, the earthy musk, a hole in the clouds with the stars sparkling through.
No worries..


  1. Wouhaou ! Non je ne peux pas croire ça! Ils ont osé ne pas vous garder!
    Ils auront perdu quelqu'un de bien et ils ne le savent pas, pas encore...
    Courage et gros bisous à vous.

  2. kay, things always turn out for the best and the idea of working with the surly teens does not appeal will find the meantime, enjoy. xoxo

  3. I agree with Linda, working with surly teens would be no fun at all. I'm sure Amy will appreciate any extra time you will give her. Praying things go well for you.

  4. Thanks Martinealison, Linda and Bonnie..I am sure you are right. I was told the one teen was going to work earlier hours and I would not have to work with her for long but it did not happen and I am ok with that! I am going to get my act together and get art on Etsy or Zazzle and see if I can't sell a bit..and yes I am so looking forward to time with the sweet Amy! Enjoy your day ladies..Linda..hope you are feeling better.