Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7,2011

Yikes rain! oh well befits the mood I am in. I got a job interview a few seconds ago. Of course the good jobs I apply for I never hear from..this one is a cashier at a gas station..oh is something I have done for years. I just worry because these are the jobs that seem to deteriorate with time. Once they find out how you work they change up the schedule and and make it crazy. Then some teenager or family member of the owner wants your job and you are shuffled to the back of the line so to speak or out of the job all the way! I managed to stay at one little job for 7 years. The boss/owner and I had it worked out pretty well but when her finances took a nose hours were cut and soon she quit the place and so did I because the owner of the property wanted me to open, close and work 12 hours days and didn't care that I was in school and a human with needs!!!!!! No wonder my boss quit with a nervous break down! Then the next little gas station job turned out to be a slave camp in disguise!!! The oil company hired a young man as our manager and he began to deride us and accuse us all of stealing. Then he cut my hours. He was rude and nasty..even the customers called him a nazi!!! I quit in Jan. of last year.I had had enough from that pipsqueak! And I told him so! Then 2 weeks later the corporation came in and fired everyone including pipsqueak! They all qualified for unemployment benefits because it came out of the blue with no warning. I of course had quit under duress mind you but that disqualified me for any unemployment benefits! And of course a year + later and my dry cleaner job was sabotaged by a teen and I am looking again!! I went ahead and applied for benefits but they have yet to let me know if I qualify.
I do suppose that you think I should aspire to a better job..but really a little job I can leave at work would suit me fine so I can think about my art! I am really not looking for a career job..I am looking for a modest paycheck. If I was single and didn't have Hubby's would be very different. So I am lucky that I don't necessarily need to make a living wage. But I am not looking for drama. I don't need that! If I could get a decent job I would take it..but it seems that my qualifications are never quite what they are looking for.
Well never mind my bad mood. Let me try to find a happy photo to post.
Oh an Amy is working out ok. She has been very confused poor girl.
Have a good day!
this was something just for fun...enjoy


  1. So am I to understand the job you had locally didn't work out? I'm sorry if that's the case..... and I hope this next job works out for you.

  2. Le monde du travail est un monde cruel... Heureusement que vous avez votre monde à vous et celui-ci personne ne vous l'ôtera...

  3. I hope the job goes better than you think I love the painting you have added to this post.

  4. I do hope this one works out for you. Why are there always so many pipsqueaks?