Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tom Waits -'Make It Rain'

Tom Rocks!

I found out that now I am scheduled to be the closer..so my weekdays are 1-7pm at work but it is easy work. Still sort of messes with the going to my studio on weekdays. So weekends are it!!!I am setting up a small space in the tiny bedroom that used to hold all my art stuff for the small art workings so I can work in the mornings. At least having a job has given me impetus to get things done in a timely manner. I do have to go to the supervisor and let him know he scheduled me to work the hours I can't in March for the open studio..wouldn't you know that the only other closer is a 17 yr. old who announced yesterday that she was going to Las Vegas that weekend for a Lady Gaga concert! We shall see what happens..1 month for them to figure things out!
Have a great day everyone..prayers to Christchurch.


  1. nice paintings Kay. i'm following and enjoying, found you through Ralph! care to follow me back? peace, angelstar

  2. Happily Angel Star! I have looked at both blogs..Nice to meet you.