Monday, February 7, 2011

overthinking and not overthinking

Since I have posted paintings and drawings that I know my head got in the way is something I did last night to get out of my head and have fun with color.
I had a very large watercolor I started from that nasty roll of watercolor paper. It was huge, had some nice textural effects and washes but I ruined it by OVERTHINKING!
I added turtles, leaves and it went south in a hurry.Yesterday I went to my studio and got out the scissors. When all was said and done..I have a pile of strips for the freebie bookmarks I give away to children who come to the open studio and 24 various small bits of the best colored parts and 5 larger ones.
Then while watching my Pittsburgh Steelers lose the Superbowl..I got out my stamps, ink pads and old Winsor Newton ink bottle and had some fun.
I stamped up the bookmarks and punched holes in the tops for the nice ribbon I will buy later. Then I took water and sprayed the various small squares and rectangles, dripped inks and gold ink afterwards. First I stamped most of them.
This was messy, fun and turned out surprisingly well if I may say so myself!!
Of course the gold ink needed shook up every so often and I shook it vigorously one time and gold ink went everywhere!!! I sopped up what was on the table and paper towels with other little bits that I had not inked yet and the wood table has a sparkle about it in the scratches.Luckily they are water soluble inks!
I had so much fun I wanted to share.
I am thinking that custom bright white mats for each and hanging them in a nice grouping will be a nice effect.
All told..I did 24 little paintings and 40 bookmarks and I feel great.


  1. What wonderful fun you must have had! And the results are absolutely gorgeous!!! I must remember this process the next time my head gets in the way of something.

  2. I love the colours in these and the effects you have created by going back and cropping and adding stamps, etc. Obviously the combination of over and under thinking worked well for you with these! lol

  3. L'harmonie des couleurs est sublime... elles dansent bien ensemble et le tout serait parfait pour un carré de soie... Magnifique;

  4. it's great to see how these masterpieces were created. Nice things happen when you get out of your head!!