Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feb.27,2011 Front side back side Frank

The 8 inches of snow melted that afternoon..a few inches the next morning, and gray skies..and yet I see some blue skies to the west...
Took a few hours to dung out the bedroom and closet to rearrange for office in the closet and a table for small art work yesterday. I measured everything..I did! But that old desk just really didn't fit in the closet like it should have. and certainly not with the old wood files! So the desk is in, the files are out and the printer is on top of the files. It is working. I have my little table for sewing if I feel the urge and the 6 foot folding table with the art stuff. And should we have an overnight guest the foldaway bed still fits.
It is physical work that I needed and I got inspite of bum knees. Today my son and I will drive to Salt Lake City where I will drop off library books and pick up a bit of stuff from my studio..then hopefully I can actually get work done on some art projects.
All of this mundane stuff and last night I had some really interesting dreams. What does it mean when a retailer sets out huge lovely tubes of paint for artists to have and the one I find is empty and has a spider nest in it!!?? I so wanted a big tube of white paint but was willing to settle for that yellow ochre. I woke up laughing..
Anyway..have a great day. I am posting some photo of something here...enjoy!

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  1. Kay, adorable! Thanks for the comment on my painting. I just wanted to tell you that I added to the post and it involves a painting give-away. I didn't want you to miss out on a chance to win.