Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feb. 13,2011 goofing off

Do you keep a day planner? A schedule, a reminder book? Well I try but even when I add everyone's birthdays I forget after awhile that the little dayplanner is in the bottom of my bag or left on the kitchen table, or lost forever!
I went to the bank one day..had to go inside for a transaction, I picked up a free calendar for my studio, which I admit I rarely look at since I quit entering shows for a year. But there was a pile of those little fake leather black day planners..just the right size to fall to the bottom of my art bag and get fished out in 8 months..oops!
But I cannot resist a little book with any blank I grabbed one.
When I returned home I looked at it..ready to fill it with the important dates in my life..whatever they are..I have birthdays memorized so I don't need it for that, I am on a self imposed sabbatical from entering art shows, so I don't need it for that. I don't have a job yet so no schedule.
Eureka!!! I decided to draw tiny pictures in the day blanks so at the end of the year it looks like a weird piece of art.
I started of course with January. If you look at each can see a tiny drawing, some have meaning for the day..but looking at it as a whole is kind of fun. I forget sometimes but because it is fun..I get the squares filled in a few minutes and feel like I The other day I gessoed the cover and the inside pages ( dates to remember, ruler, address and phone numbers). I painted the cover in acrylics and guessed it
I haven't decided what to do on the gessoed pages..possibly tissue paper collage and ink. The hare on the cover is from a drawing my oldest son made in grade school..too cute. I used him in the other patchwork art I posted the other day. I like to "steal" children's drawings and use them in my fun arty times.
So now I know what to do do with my day planner. Have a wonderful and fun day!


  1. i love the top photo and all the rest...AND just found two old datebooks that i just may do this with...not sure if the gesso will stick to one's slick paper but we'll see...anyway, a good cheap way to make an art journal, thanks for the idea, Kay!! xx

  2. enjoy Linda and have a great day!

  3. Great idea Kay - it is not goofing off though, you are still sketching, even if on a tiny scale. I have a few of these little diaries - I'll have to look them out and do the same. Looks like you'll inspire a few of us!

  4. It looks like you had a blast!!! And your sense of fun is spurring me on....I've wanted to do that dayplanner thing for awhile.....let me see what I can find....

  5. Goofing off is a good thing!
    I love this idea, now if I can just find one of those date books. I know I have one somewhere.....

  6. you gals crack me up...yay for cheap little day planners and lots of fun!

  7. This is by far the best use for a notebook I have seen, good for you. There's not many people left who use paper anymore.

  8. Ryan..paper is like an aphrodisiac for me! Well maybe that is too weird..but I love paper!