Saturday, February 12, 2011

duck love and cross your fingers I get the job!

My sister, brothers and Mom send ducks back and forth or put them in weird places for the others to find. Since I am 2000 miles away..I take the ducks to places I like and take pics on the phone and send them to my sister who updates everyone on where some of the rubber ducky family is. It is pretty random. You never know where or when one will appear. I took one to the Colorado Rockies games this summer and took pics with the marquee in the background. My poor Hubby was embarrassed!I also took one camping. I take a little one in my purse or pocket..just in case! All in goofy fun. My Dad would have loved this game. He was a great practical joker. It keeps us laughing. Here are 2 pics I day in 40 degrees they went out to sun themselves on the deck..the next day they had to wade through 4 inches of snow..such is the life of ducks in Utah. Have a great weekend!
By the way..I had a job interview yesterday!!! The first one I have been able to get for over a year. A friend's son in law works for a plumbing supply and they need a customer service phone person. She gave me his email and I sent him my skimpy resume (my art resume is so much more interesting!). The company called on Thursday. I went in on Friday and hopefully can get a call back. They said there were 50 applicants they were looking at and if we don't get a call back by Wednesday next week then we are not being considered. I do want a call back. It pays $10.00 an hour to start and after 6 months you can get health insurance, paid vacations, paid holidays. I have never had a job with benefits so it would be awesome. Plus it is an easy drive, and I could go to my studio from there. I could afford my studio, I could pay my bills and let Hubby off the hook. I will admit that a 40 hour week will be a shock to the system. I haven't worked a 40 hour week for a long time. And to be honest. I have enjoyed not working..but the money pinch is hard to deal with so I need to suck it up and go back to work. Don't think I am lazy. I have worked since I was 12 yrs. old. I ran a dog grooming business when I was raising toddlers so I could be home. I worked 2 jobs when Hubby lost his job. I know how to work and am very reliable..but I feel old and tired and wish I could just do art. Still..cross your fingers that I get this could be fun..talking on the phone is my forte! And I could get paid! Now go and have that great weekend!


  1. oh and my son got one in the mail for his birthday..I do believe the poor thing is wandering in the junk on his floor!

  2. How fun! It's like 'Flat Stanley' that kids do in school. I like the ducks better.

  3. I love your ducks! I did something like this with my daughter when we went to the museum - she took along one of her puppy toys and asked me to hold him while she looked at something with her dad. So puppy had an adventure at the museum, I printed the photos and made a little album for her as a surprise. She loved it - puppy being eaten by the T-rex skull, chatting to a stegasaur, etc.

    And good luck for the job. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  4. this post just made me smile...i love these little ducks, always have tho i try not to buy them as they would be everywhere by i will look at yours instead! ;) poor little guys in the snow, i feel sorry for them and hope it warms soon for you[and them!].

    and also, fingers crossed the job comes through...i know how you feel and haven't worked 'a job' as in going somewhere and putting in 'only 40 hrs' in some time and don't want to start now...isn't it too bad it's impossible to make it selling art but no bennies there unfortunately...i will keep a positive thought for you. xxxx

  5. What a cool story about the ducks...I love that you do that. And the Celtic cross is just beautiful. I hope you do get the'll find time for art but you gotta survive first, according to Maslow's hierarchy, anyway. And my own experience. Prayers are being said for you to get a call back!

  6. My son once sent me a rubber duck in an envelope when the post office was more amenable than it is today. That one still is the first arrival in the bathroom when we go from one place to another.

    Your paintings are very neat and I do wish you well in getting that job.

  7. Our family has done the same with a Jim Nabors record album for many years. Too much fun! It turns up in the most unexpected places and when no one has seen it for awhile, we all go on alert wondering when it will strike next!

    Good luck with your job search...hope you get your callback.

  8. What fun with the ducks! And so far away from family .... good for you.
    I too am hoping for a job. Desperately need one .... living on pensioner's income with everything around me rising in cost is getting somewhat ludicrous. Need a job.
    I too have worked ... well, since I was 13. Have retired five times but am hitting the pavement again. Most persons want some young and pretty thing out front so not quite as easy as it used to be....funny they don't want old and grey out there!
    Good luck, certainly hope it pans out.

  9. Ruby..I know what you mean! When they should be looking at us gray hairs as experienced and reliable, willing workers..they hire teens and young people who haven't learned the meaning of work! I hope you get something soon!
    Carol..that made me laugh about the Jim Nabors album...I think I have one laying around here somewhere!Susan and Carol..thanks for the good thoughts!