Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feb. 16,2011

Today it is still warm for February. But the winds are up and supposed to blow in a snow storm tonight. Still a flock of about 50 robins showed up a few days ago and have been singing their little hearts out. I hope they know something about spring that I don't! The chickens have enjoyed a week of getting out and stirring up the leaf debris in the field. They are a happy lot..clucking and canoodling with The Rooster I Call Bob all over our property and the neighbor's horse pasture.
The knee is a bit better. Still restless nights and I finished the Tailchaser Song book. I have 2 dvds to watch. One on Cezannne in Provence and another movie about Rembrandt called Nightwatching. That is the fun thing about Netflix. I rent all the art movies and documentaries along with some of the newer releases and watch at my leisure. Problem is I watch them late night and then snooze a bit through them! Then I have to go back and see what I missed!
I did see the Scottish Deerhound win the Westminster Dog Show. Now there is a wonderful breed. I always wanted one. But the breeders are a closed lot and they put you on a waiting list after you have provided references. Then they keep your dog for 3 years as they show and finish its' championship! A friend who had been showing German Shepherds successfully for years and whose husband is the retired CEO of a well known toy company (with the $$ to spend) could not get a deerhound!!
So I have never owned one.
The photo I posted today was one I took a few days ago when the sun decided to come out of hiding.
I hope to get started on making some eraser stamps and building my journals today.
No news on the job call back. So I assume I am not in the running. Still they have the rest of the day to call!
I hope you all have a great day today. I intend to!


  1. hi kay, i don't know this breed but love big dogs...and know what you mean..have been waiting for years for a breeder to sell me a collie and finally gave up....rescues need homes more anyway and i don't need to spend $$$$ on a dog...thanks for popping by with your comment on my weird post, it was very appreciated...i was holding my breath on the job and maybe you got it but it is late to be letting you know...too bad we can't make a living with what we love..something's just wrong about that. must check out your movies, i love netflix too. xox

  2. Très belle photo que celle que vous venez de publier...
    J'ai plusieurs dalmatiens et durant une période je participais assez régulièrement à des concours de beauté... mais au fil du temps j'ai laissé tomber. J'avais noté que beaucoup d'arrangements s'accomplissaient au profit de grands éleveurs et au détriment de nous, véritables amoureux de nos toutous.
    Gros bisous à vous

  3. I so love dogs and this post makes me remember my greatest ever friend in the do world my Damon who ran miles with me.