Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 6, 2010

Today..things are calmer, Hubby's blood sugar levels are comng down, and we decided to spend a bit of time at Utah Lake so I could get pics of the Pelicans hubby saw over the weekend when he went fishing. I love these birds and had dreamed of a painting with Pelicans so this was a worthwhile outing, also good to get Dave away from the house and his so-called vacation from work. He took a week off and it has been cold, windy, and he has not felt well. I was looking at blogs I follow and Linda had seen Pelicans near her home in California today too! I like the way they fly in formations and as I told Linda, I like the way they look like large white baskets floating on the lake. Here are my pics and hopefully I will have 1 or 2 paintings by Sunday to post, one with Pelicans.
My other dilemma is that Friday evening is the reception awards celebration for the show I got in and the organizer called to let me know I had won a prize and then she divulged it was an honorable mention! It is being held in Provo, Utah and my dear young friends from the Univerity of Utah in Salt Lake City are having their opening of 3 shows in one place 40 miles north of Provo in Salt Lake City, at the same time. Luckily they are having parties every Friday for the next 3 I suppose I should go to Provo..but I don't know anyone in the arts there even though I live in that county. Still I can make friends but ..oh what to do..
I do miss my young friends, and I will know everyone ..but I am in this other I am having a hard time deciding where to go. I could have done both in a 3 hour window years ago but traffic is so bad now that it is impossible to do now. Guess I better go to Provo..but I think I would rather be in Salt Lake City..Do I sound like an indecisive child?
The one photo of the mountains is m indulgence on a beautiful and cold day. What do you call more than one Pelican? I think the one pic looks like a pile of Pelicans


  1. Thank you for these beautiful fotos and i'ma anxious to see the painting with the pelicans...
    Best regards.

  2. Beautiful pictures like Martine I long to see the paintings they inspire.