Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2, 2010

Thanks to all who found me yesterday! Ralph, it really was funny..I am nothing if not flexible! And the rest of the story was mundane but had to go out in the rain when I realized the little meowers were out of kitty food..and cats will never forgive you if they miss a meal..they may seem to live in the moment..but underneath all that napping is a narcissistic brain at work!
And Jesse James , our other puggy is miffed that I didn't include him in the photo I will today along with another pug drawing. This drawing got me the Utrecht prize a few years ago at a student show. It is called "Pug Dreams".
Today we woke to more snow that is melting but it is mucky out there. I checked the fruit trees and hope the peach tree really will produce this year.
I took pics of the apple tree in bloom.we have 3 that are very old but still bloom like youngsters.
The sun is trying to make a comeback but seems rather weak..I can hope.
Today I will attempt to paint a little painting at home..just haven't felt like driving to the studio..if this keeps up then I might have to give up the space and build something here..but I am hoping to hang on to the studio for at least another year. It is a good space.
I also managed to get some soggy pics of the "Wedding Nest" sulpture that has been moldering in my back field for almost 3 years..not a statement on marriage..just an experiment in weird sculptures...

my thought for the day..Chris, a student of mine told the craft store coordinator as she apologized for the 6th time..Amber if this is the only thing that goes wrong for you today then it has been a good day....I loved that..wise young man..and I thought of it all day..

By the way..the cat is Zoe..the meanest cat on earth..


  1. Hello Kay. I noticed that you became a follower of my blog. I am honored - truly. I scanned over your work. You defiantly display talent. Thank you for following my little bit of the blog-o-sphere. Stay "tooned!"

  2. Thanks Rick..I like the defiant display of talent..haha...enjoy your blog!