Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31, 2010 how to price my art..since I am not selling yet!

Today my sons and I went for a drive up Mirror Lake Highway which goes from Kamas Utah to Wyoming. We knew it wasn't open because of snow but went as far as we could and then backtracked to the Yellow Pine trail and hiked a few miles. I took pics of their eyes roll! It was so much fun. Then we went to Oakley Utah on our way home and ate at the Island Road Diner. It is a vintage diner built for the 1939 World's Fair and after it was in many places it is now in little ole Oakley, Utah. Great eating, Great hiking, great views and great day.
I am thinking of holding an art yardsale at my studio. I want to generate some interest and have so much art stacking I thought maybe I could decide on a price per inch and sell that way or try some other pricing method. I am always having problems pricing my artwork. Pricing by the sq. inch doesn't work for small pieces which cost as much to make, with the economy, I want to be affordable but my friends in art don't want me to under price my the same time I have not sold anything for so long that I don't know what a good pricing strategy is! Any tips from you who are successfully selling? I just really need to find a job to pay my bills but wouldn't it be nice to defray some of my art costs by seling a few things...How do you price when you haven't been selling? Is it ok to sell older work at at a firesale price to get it out of the studio and into someone's home? I have all sizes of work, oils, watercolors, drawings..many things are framed. Any suggestions would be appreciated


  1. Having lived in Wyoming for half my life, I was so happy to see your photos. I'm not familiar with where in Wyoming this road would take you - but it's beautiful - cold, but beautiful.

    Can't help with the art work. Sorry.

  2. the road leads to going over the top of the world!