Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20,2010

Today I reworked the weakest of the large watercolors. Funny I drew horses all the time as a child. I was so horse crazy and now that I have 2 models in the backyard I never draw horses anymore!..which I think showed in this painting. I am the same way about German Shepherds. As a very successful breeder shower of German Shepherds I am very picky about how a drawing or painting should look. And I am not so sure I can do as well as I want. Why I decided to do these horses I don't know but I woke up this morning knowing that I had to rework the contrasts. I think it is a bit better but it is not a good painting. I am enjoying the Bluegill painting much more. Still I will mat it and see how I think of might hold together with the others...hmmm.

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  1. Cela ne doit pas être facile de retravailler une aquarelle, n'est-ce pas?... Il y a beaucoup de pureté dans cette peinture... et puis j'aime les chevaux... Ce matin encore j'ai regardé un reportage concernant les chevaux nourriciers...
    Magnifique reportage. On parvient à créer par injection des montées de lait à une jument qui lui permettra de nourrir un poulain dont la mère est morte à la naissance...
    A bientôt de revoir votre peinture.