Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010

My apologies to Martine Alison! I was referring in my last post to a show I entered at the Eccles Community Art Gallery last year. The theme was western art and I decided to enter my self portrait called "She Dreams Of The West" which I will post here. I was not able to get to the opening reception and had to wait until the last day of the show to see it. My Hubby and I went there and looked all over the 4 story Victorian Mansion and saw many paintings of cowboys, indians, bears, elk, western landscapes. I could not find it. Maybe it had been sold, although I couldn't figure out who would pay for my self portrait. We came downstairs and I was going to ask the lady there at the front desk when I saw the corner of my drawing and frame behind the open door of the backroom that was behind the front desk. I have been to this gallery many times and have always seen the door open. When it is open it hides whatever is hung on the wall behind the desk. That was where my drawing had hung for the last 2 and 1/2 months! I told the lady..there it is behind the door. She seemed relieved and said we could take it with us that day. She said there had been many interesting comments about it. I asked her what had been said and she would not tell me! I really had to laugh out loud. And I could see she was glad to see my drawing go home. The juror thought it should be in the show but whoever hung the show apparently did not agree! That is the story behind my comment about being behind the door. I always like to see the shows where I have a piece and see if it has been hung behind a door, in a dark corner, in a closet...I hope for the best and expect anything! It makes for a good conversation. Many people who saw it in my studio liked it and were amused at the story of where it was hung. here it is..would you hang it behind the door? Or in the restroom? Have a great evening all my friends.


  1. oh my goodness, you have way more patience and fortitude than i ever would! ah well, no, i would not have hung it in back of the door....sheesh....between this and another blogger who was in on a jurying for an art show, the first time she had ever seen one before, she was truly upset about the whole thing, especially the politics....i guess that's the way it all goes...and good luck with your next one! :)

  2. I think the jury process is a mystery to me..

  3. Hi kay,

    J'ai lu la petite histoire. Quelle tristesse!!!
    Finalement même dans les toilettes elle aurait eu un meilleur emplacement!
    Pourtant jolie toile....

  4. I've been told having your art hung in the bathroom is the best place of honor an artist can have. You have the viewers complete attention and your own solo exhibit! Congrats for being behind the door!

  5. Dear Kay,
    Thank you for visiting my BLOG and making a comment...and such a lovely one too. I like your self portrait and particularly like the anchoring the birds at the bottom give! Yes, jurored shows are fraught with angst. Congrats on your BFA too.