Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4, 2010

Today I had planned on leaving early to my studio to start a series of large watercolors for a show in June. I had awaken with an idea that has been further enhanced by another bloggers references to Joan Mitchell and I was excited..but of course life does not always let us do what we want when we want! I noticed my husband has an infected toe. He is a type2 diabetic and this is serious. Although he has never taken the disease seriously. I worry that he might be going the way of his brother who died several years ago from strokes due to diabetic complications. He was only 53. Hubby's father and uncles all died from diebetes and heart problems early on. Now Hubby has outlived them all by reaching the ripe old age of 58 but he seems determined to undermine his own health. It is so frustrating to watch. He loves his soda, donuts, etc. He is so unwilling to give them up thinking life is not worth living if you can't induldge in the sugary things. I have tried to be an example and only keep good food in the house but he is an adult and does what he wants. Yesterday my brother's girlfriend lost her mother at the age of 63 due to strokes brought on by obesity and diabetes..so sad and so preventable.
I remember talking to a German Shepherd judge that my club had hired to judge a show. He was a surgeon..he removed legs..day in and day out from diabetics who refused to take the warning signs seriously and change their lifestyles.
I am sorry to burden you poor readers with these somewhat personal details..but it is keeping us from living our lives fully when we spend so much on meds and will have to plan for surgeries and care. Such a waste of a life. My husband is an intelligent man..but not in this area..oh if there was someone he would actually listen to.
So I called the Dr. and made an appt. for him and I am going with..we shall see what happens..then I will go to the studio and lose myself in some painting.
On a brighter note..my oldest son, Shane, and I went hiking in Salt Lake County and I am posting pics of that. The one shows the back end of a 4 ft. long hog snake that crossed the path in front of us..very cool, just couldn't get the camera out quick enough to get all of him.
The rest of the story..Hubby has to be on insulin now to try to get sugar levels under control. The good news is this might be better than the pills which go away today, and easier for him to deal with. The bad news is it happened at all.He didn't seem to care..and I was in tears. Sorry no painting in the studio today..tomorrow then.


  1. Je suis très triste en lisant votre récit d'apprendre de telles nouvelles...
    Il faut absolument que votre époux accepte de faire attention à lui en se soignant correctement et en évitant tout ce qui pourrait déclencher des crises. Ne serait-ce que par amour pour vous... Cela pourrait le motiver.
    Aujourd'hui les nouveaux traitements font que cette fichue maladie se soigne mieux.
    Je vous souhaite à vous deux beaucoup de courage.
    Je souhaite que vous retrouviez une certaine sérénité dans votre créativité...

    Merci, pour l'ensemble de vos photos. Sacré serpent sur l'une d'elles... Brrr, vous n'en avez pas eu peur?!

    Recevez tout mon soutien... Amitiés.

  2. Thank you MartineAllison...my French is very bad but I think I understood your comment..I am hopeful that things will work out..thanks again

  3. I watched a film recently called Raw for 30 Days. A group of diabetics were put on a living foods diet for 30 days. All those who were dedicated to the programe came off their insulin and their blood sugars were normal, including one type 1 diabetic. A very interesting film. I hope your husband's health continues to improve. :)

  4. That would very cool but he is a stubborn man and won't give up carbs or soda..I try but he does what he does I have been eating more raw foods and feeling much better for it. Thanks for the tip..I will look for the film.

  5. It is so difficult to get our men to listen. My thoughts are with you. By the way, there is a proven link between periodontal disease and diabetes and when your diabetes is out of control, many times it is caused or exacerbated by periodontal or dental issues.