Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 26, 2010

Today I managed to get the metal frames from the free frames I picked up in 2008 painted. They were kind of beat up brushed silver metal. I painted them a gloss black. Now I need to make sure they don't chip when I travel them to the studio. Now I get to mat the watercolors. I have to buy 40x60 inch matboard because these frames are around 30 x 44 inches. So I went looking for matboard and it is so expensive! But a friend told me about a wholesale framing supply warehouse..but I needed a tax number to buy there.So I talked to my son who has some businesses and he said he would help but "Mom, just get on line and get your own number".. so I did and now I can buy wholesale. Funny the day I got my number I received a flyer for a plein air competition that I attended last summer and now they require contestants to have a tax number! Have you ever heard of that? I have had to fill out W9s for prize money, and had to have a Dunn and Bradstreet number to apply for grants..don't ask..I don't understand what it is all about! It seems I spend a lot of time online and not enough time painting. Even the local art show in conjunction with a neighboring towns' festival is requiring a cd with images or email the images. Which actually is easier than traveling the paintings to town. Which is funny since the prestigious watercolor contest in Sheridan, Wyoming is accepting only slides! Since I no longer have a camera that takes slides..I am not entering. I may complain about spending time online but it really makes it easier if we can just send a digital pic for entries.
So I complain but I do like the convenience!
I made an announcement for the upcoming show at the bookstore and that was a learning experience. I don't have photoshop so I had to monkey around with the program I have but I think it turned out ok. A little help with the copy center guy and I got it done. I decided to print up 4 per page of white cardstock instead of paying big bucks for postcards. Since we are not having a is only an announcement as to where and when the art is showing. The color is actually much bluer so I am posting the painting it came from.
Anyway..tomorrow is supposed to be hot..the first time this year..I am happy for that!
Have a nice day


  1. Kay, Hope your show is a big success!

  2. I also hope that all goes well you are a lovely person and so deserve to do well thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog

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