Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidente day

Today I started a 2 day cleanse that Dr. Oz had in the latest O magazine.

I figured it looked like something I could do for 2 days. Haha..I made the breakfast..quinoa with nutmeg,rice milk, ginger and chopped prunes..well..let's be kind and say that it is an acquired taste.

I know there are things that can be done to quinoa to sweeten or make savory but I am going by the book (in this case-magazine) and crabbiness is happening because I haven't had coffee. The lunch smoothie with almond milk, frozen blueberries, ground flax seed and banana is really good. I finally bought a juicer and tried it out on the snack drink which is kale, cucumber, mint ,lemon, artichoke hearts, pineapple...forgot to put a cup under the spout and juiced pineapple and lemon all over the counter!!!! added more lemon and pineapple and got a lovely green juice that now has too much lemon...but I can get behind this recipe..still a snack means chocolate, potato chips, etc. to me so a new world for me. Still need coffee. Went to the store 3 times to get ingredients and said juicer only to have discovered I forgot the red onions and cabbage for tonights vegetable broth. makes enough for 2 meals so I do need to get the onions and cabbage. All of the ingredients are to enhance your liver, kidney, digestive function without leaving you weak and short of amino acids and nutrition. So far so good. I think I feel good because I am actually trying something new. Think maybe my brain will work a little better so I remember to get what is on my list and also add what I need on list? Unlikely but I can hope. Hubby is home for his 2 days off..didn't he just have over 4 weeks off? It seems like he just went back to work and here he is home again!
Anyhoo...I will have to let you all know how the dinner tastes..after I get the onions and cabbage..see if I say and write it enough maybe I will remember it!
I did get my art at the Kafeneio coffee shop on Saturday. Now I have only my workshop to consider..although no one has paid and I think it isn't happening. I need to work on my recruitment for workshop participants!!!!

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