Sunday, February 5, 2012

Feb. 5,2012

I called my Mom on the 3rd...hoping she was not being down in the see it would have been my Dad's 89th birthday. But she was not. As an 86 year old, frail little old lady..she was in her best form. It was like listening to geriatric stand up!!! She is so funny. We hung up the phones laughing hard..the best way to start a day.
this picture is the last time I saw my Dad 2005. I do miss him so much.

This drawing got into the Eccles Community Art Center's Black and White Statewide Show. I call it "Wasatch Carp" (wasatch is the name of the mountain range to our direct east.).

And this one did not get in! I call it.."Swallows Over The Oquirrhs" (that is the mountain range to the west of us)

I have been in touch with a new coffee shop in the area of South Salt Lake. It is a Greek coffee shop and they are looking for artists to hang in their place. I responded. They looked at some of my art on my Facebook fan page but now I need to propose which art work, sizes framed for them and I am not sure what ones to do! I have my mixed medias already up at the library until March 30. I was thinking of my color pencil drawings of pugs, fish etc. I would love to do new work but I don't have much to show them yet. So as I agonize over that..I am teaching myself to make paper and to marblize stuff. Have a great day everyone. Oh if you have suggestions on what you think I should hang at the coffee shop..look at my older posts..let me know!


  1. Congratulations on your drawing being selected for the show. Always a good feeling when your work is chosen. I love the fish - beautifully rendered.

  2. I love the painting that the header of your blog. Do you have any more like it? I think they would be great.