Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My reception is this evening!

So I am heading off to get my hair/mop cut so I don't scare the people who show up this evening!
I have everything ready to make paper..but no time today!!!
I am excited to see all of this work up together...
I will take pictures and share tomorrow!!!
Got some advertising by emailing the Salt Lake City Weekly. I had done a box for them and didn't know where it was placed. So I emailed the gal in charge of the "Out of the Box" program and she let me know where it had been placed. It is at the Welcome Center right next to the Salt Palace in downtown SLC. A really awesome spot. I let her know I was having my first one person show and she said she would pass it along and lo and behold today the online daily news they send out had me as number 2!
Have a great day everyone...
here are a few pics of some of the show pieces.


  1. Good luck at your reception. Your paintings are lovely. I hope your hair looks great. Have fun!