Thursday, February 2, 2012

a new baby to hold and a day at the studio

My sons girlfriend has a best friend who had a baby girl (Emma) 4 weeks ago. Today I got to hold the little one. It has been a long long time since I have held such a tiny baby. I must say..I fell in love.
Then I went to the studio and started an assembly line of art journal are the pics.
I used acrylic paint, stamps..all but one were my own designs, stencils, the birds I made, the others were commercially made. I used ink pads too. I may do a bit of embellishing but I really just need to do the blank pages and sew them up. Very simple.

then I ironed a 2 ply paper towel that I had used to sop up ink for another project. I ironed each ply to freezer paper and then I used sumi ink and drew the turtles on one and used a commercial stamp on the other one. I am going to get fusible web to do this too.

tomorrow I am trying paper making at home. I decided I had better learn a simple way to do it so I can demo it. I will show how that works tomorrow!!!

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  1. These are wonderful! AND who can resist a cute little baby!