Saturday, February 11, 2012

busy busy busy

Spent today in studio doing more things for Tuesday's demo/talk. I painted black cardstock for small pamphlet journals and note pads. I also tried a fun way to make some alcohol "marbling". Then I tried another way to marble paper with oil is how these two techniques work.
Using a good paper..I used the Strathmore 400 series mixed media paper, I painted the surface with one acrylic color ( I used pthalo green),I let that dry. Another wet coat of acrylic paint ( I used the same color) then dropped alcohol with a paintbrush on the wet second coat. weee..that gets funky! I let that dry then put a coat of periwinkle blue down and while wet dropped more alcohol. Now I ran out of time but intend to do a few more layers.
The other marbling technique..I used a flat pan with sides filled with water, mixed up some oil paints with turps until they were good and inky. Then with a brush I dropped colors onto the water. with at least 3 colors dropped I then lay a large white envelope on the water and pulled it up and voila...beautiful!!!
I have also tried marbling with liquid starch and inks dropped and swirled. It was pretty but kind of muted color. Of course real marbled papers are done on a carageen (sp) suspension and the paper is soaked in Alum and water, dried then placed on the swirled marble inks on top of the suspension. There is a big art to this and I didn't feel like buying all of the supplies. So I used what I had and am happy with the results. You can even use foam shaving cream, not gel and fluid acrylics or inks swirled on top. Talk about messy!. But marbling is all about taking advantage of a pigment suspended on a surface. Marbling was used not only for decoration but was security measure. Account books edges were marbled so you could see if a page had been removed. I always loved seeing the end papers of old books.
I also started 8 new bookmarks that only need to be ribboned and beaded.
Then I had an appointment to meet the art director/assistant manager of a new Greek coffee house..Kafeneio. They want to hang my pug drawings and my Black Dog series. They will take 30% commission on sold works which is ok. I will be hung in the front area where you order your coffee and buy Greek pastries. Nice warm walls and a good space. there will be other artists in the seating area which is huge. Mine will be seen by everyone who comes in whether they sit or order to go.
I also have to get a slideshow of my work to show. Finished journals, bookmarks and cards and lanyard art can be available for sale. Then I want to get some very large paintings done for March 23 which is our open studio....
and away I go......

!st pic is a detail of a journal cover. The 2nd pic is Hubby contemplating my art..good boy!


  1. Thats such great news about your art in the coffee shop. I've often wondered why more businesses don't showcase artists......they could make a little money could make a little money and everyone would be happy. LOL! and the world a little more artful place. I wonder though are they insuring your art incase something gets damaged or stolen while there...?? Hate to think about such things but you never know. :) Hugs! deb

    1. unfortunately I have to sign a waiver against damages..but the area I will be hanging appears safe enough. It is a standard waiver that most places like coffeehouses use. We actually have a lot of coffee houses in Salt Lake City that feature art. They even participate in art strolls.