Thursday, February 23, 2012

Needing to work..having little will...

I have spent way too much time at home doing nothing..well making mac and cheese and watching Finding Bigfoot..but it is time to get off the old duff and get some work done. I have dreamed about and daydreamed about and thought about new paintings and come up with 4 series ideas that could carry me through for a few years worth of work.
One idea is influenced by Joan Brown, Gaylen Hansen's still lifes, Rousseau well you name it...It would be a series of large oils on cradled board of everything I love or think about..

Another series is going bigger..way bigger on the watercolor/ink/stamped painting like the ones in my library show. I mean bigger than full sheet watercolor paper..elephant size? Or just figuring out how to use my huge roll of Fabriano paper..although I am not fond of it.

Another series will be a series of drawings..possibly becoming prints (when I can afford to pay my way at the local printers co-op). These will involve animal totems with plants, and toys...I am actually pretty excited about this one.

And another series based on the Faux Naturalist pages I did a few years ago..only going crazier, goofier, having lots of fun and really using collage and drawing and writing to create an actual naturalist notebook quite unlike Darwin, or other scientists, biologists etc.

The watercolor/mixed media on paper will be costly to frame but could be wonderful if I can get to doing bigger!!
The oils on wood, harder for me to envision ....very vague and abstract as yet.
The totem drawings will not be small..hoping to use arches cover and use the whole sheet.
The naturalist journal is an idea that has been percolating for a long time...I am excited to get that one too.


  1. Thanks Kay! I'm having fun with this project. Looks like you have a lot of ideas to get down on paper. The totem series sounds awesome! Can't wait to see how it turns out :)

  2. hi kay.... you have displayed so many pieces of art that are all inspiring...wonderful ideas and very look forward to watching your progress and hope you keep posting ! ;)

    and i have a new blog called moody hues i would love for you to visit. here's the link:

    i'm not posting it on vpm due to spammers. please come by, change your reader URL, you can do it on the new blog too. i look forward to seeing you there, my dear. this one is only art and my synesthetic pov--twisted hahah! xxx