Saturday, April 14, 2012


today is my birthday. The first thing out of Hubby's mouth was..I am going to the store, getting fixings for chili so you can make some for my barbecue tonight at work!!! I had to hurry up and get some coffee in me so I didn't snap at him...Getting prickly in my old age! What does it say about me when I am looking forward to my day alone..since Hubby and youngest son are going to be at work all day?
I went last night to help an artist friend with her open studio, part of a gallery stroll. She was anticipating a crowd because she had been invited to do caricatures of some news people on the early show on tv. She is good at it but the crowds never descended. Too bad. She wanted me to take the money for her sold artwork while she worked the room. I really think it is a good idea as I am sure I lost some customers because I was wearing too many hats at my open studio.
Colleen also does very traditional watercolors but her technique is very good. She had bought some of my bookmarks and then gave them back to me framed professionally!! How sweet!
And she did a fun caricature our our friend Nancy, who does encaustic and abstract paintings. Nancy gave me 3 sheets of lovely paper made from rusted rice paper..awesome.

and this is how it looked this morning

and Amy wanting to play


  1. Joyeux anniversaire... Aujourd'hui c'est aussi le baptême de mon petit-fils Nathan... Je vous fais de gros bisous et je suis heureuse de savoir que vous avez partagé des moments agréables avec votre amie.
    Gros bisous

  2. Happy Birthday, Kay. I hope you got to spend lots of time by yourself. I hope your husband and your son remembered to buy you a present at least. That sure is some lovely rice paper you got and the book markers look good too. Enjoy your day.

  3. OMG, your birthday way yesterday and i missed it! Happy wishes to you, feel celebrated and hugged! Chers to many more lovely art!

  4. Good Morning Kay,
    May I add a hearty Happy Birthday to your growing chorus of well-wishers.
    Sounds like quite a day, however, there was one thing you should have done to make it extra special.
    After preparing a super spicy-hot batch of chilli, while it still bubbled, you poured it down Hubby's pants! Then, to show him you're a good sport, followed-up by pouring a cold beer over his head!
    I think such an act would have made it a birthday to remember! And maybe hubby would remember it, too!!
    Have a pleasant Sunday, Kay. You deserve it.

  5. Belated happy birthday!

    The rusted rice paper looks amazing!