Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today I rescued my 2 "rejects" from the Springville art museum. I didn't have time to see the actual show and will go back to give it the time I am sure it deserves. I was introduced to a young curator and she retrieved the art for me and then looked at them carefully and gave me a bit of a critique. It was welcomed as I am always up for constructive criticism. She agreed with a laugh that they were not totally representational or abstract but somewhere in between. She has a masters in curator whatever from an Ivy league school so no slouch and I did appreciate her point of view..which was very positive yet helpful.
she felt there needed to be more definition the rock cliff but other than that, nothing. I sent off the chicken map to NY today and sent a proposal to Utah Arts Alliance. These are what I sent as part of an idea to do a whole show of 2 and 3 dimensional work about trees. the first is the Ancient Trees which is above..
I also want to do some sculptures incorporating parts of the tree branches we have weathering outside with yarn, beads,paint, found objects. Now I get to worry about the Peeps being out in their first storm!!! Their light is on but it is really windy and supposed to get cold and rainy.


  1. Un patchwork de très jolies oeuvres...
    gros bisous

  2. hi kay...i like them all and you are brave to ask this curator altho i know what you mean...i just always think it doesn't matter-it's my way of seeing not theirs. but if you are into getting into shows, etc., then it makes sense to know all you can. does that impact your creativity?

    these trees are wonderful!