Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ahh rejection..keeps ya humble

well..another year and another rejection from the Springville Salon..I am beginning to understand the feelings that the Impressionists had with rejection after rejection to the Paris Salon..whoa..not really comparing me to those guys, or Springville to the Paris Salons..but you get my drift! 251 works got in out of 935. So I guess I am in good company although that does not minimize the sting! But the good news is that my friend Nancy Vorm got in. She does nice abstracts and encaustic. It does seem if I encourage her to enter a show I want in she gets in! So we have a symbiosis going on here..which is fun. I will pick them up and take them to the even smaller Utah County show...strive big, go small...sigh It rains today and I feel just like the gloom for a bit.. is where you will find my friend..look up her site.


  1. Sorry you didn't make it in and I really do genuinely like your art. Can you find out why it didn't make it and get some helpful criticism?

    1. most shows, rather all of them I have entered have no way to talk to the jurors and find out more. Basically it is pay your money, take your chances. Not like being in school anymore. I could ask artist friends for critiques, or try to figure it out myself. My cynical self says I cannot break into the good old boys club, and though there may be a smidgen of truth to that realistically it is very subjective, different jurors every year, different tastes, you can research them but it is still a guessing game. I also am realistic about my work. Colorful, not detailed, whimsical and the use of mixed media materials considered crafty by some. There is a bad name in the minds of some in the art world with the crafty thing. So I have many strikes against me, not being able to fit my art into a style niche that makes sense to others..I could go on..but I just grouse about it for a day then I am over it and will get on with what I do. Sometimes I refuse to enter shows because I hate the feelings of rejections..but the need for some sort of validation of others drives me to bare myself and my art to the criticism of strangers. It is being an artist and a part of a difficult life many of us have chosen. I could just do this "for myself" but I want to get the art "out there" and so I enter shows and get choice, my dilemma.

  2. Hi Kay,
    You're a good sport and that's among the many reasons I love you.
    Keep smiling and making art. What else can we do?
    Have a good weekend.

  3. hi kay-
    i've been offline mostly with my terrible internet connection having blips all over the place and apologize to be so vacant lately. i am sorry to hear this but do admire your plucky spirit! and i also love that painting up's wonderful and a bit different from your other work. xxxxlinda