Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a nice day

Yesterday was a warm spring day, and for the first time in 2 weeks I felt great. Knee sore but not unbearable. It turns out I was sick the whole time and I guess in denial. I ached from head to toe and had other gruesome symptoms. I kept trying to get things done, like the cat thing, cleaning,etc. but the 2 times I went to my studio, I had to leave because I was just sick. I still have no idea what it was, I couldn't take my Aleve for the knee because my stomach was so sore. Yesterday I woke up feeling great! Oh my little brain really were sick for 2 crazy, dumb person. That is how my little brain talks to me sometimes. A lot of "get it together Kay", and "quit yer whining, Kay", and "see the obvious, Kay, like you are sick".
But it took feeling good finally to realize how bad I had felt before!
I give myself a big DUH and will move on.
I did cancel the Dr. appt. for now. Knee feels pretty ok for now. Yes it has to get done but my job starts May 12 and I would have to be ready to stand 8 hrs. a day for 5 days a week and I know I would not be ready for that by the 12th. So I will go another summer, lose more weight, and do this in the fall. The good news is I finally called the health insurance gurus and found out that I will only have to pay out of pocket, $2000.00 for the surgery!!!
So I can quit belly aching about that and get on with the day.
Today is another sunny day. The robins are noisy and aggressive. The one newly neutered feral boy is winding himself around my legs and being more vocal than ever. he follows me around the property. He won't let me touch him..but he is a sweet and handsome thing.
I got pictures of his mommy and sister who are now spayed

and still mad at me.
I got some pictures of the blooming trees and bulbs, and went to an artists meeting and enjoyed myself immensely last night.

Here are pics of my fuzzy horses and my 2 hens having a dust bath.

Have a beautiful day. I am driving 30 miles north to retrieve my library show and then 60 miles south to deliver 2 of them to an entry for the spring salon..maybe this will be my year to get in!

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  1. Une publication pleine d'optimisme malgré votre handicap passager... Je comprends la souffrance par laquelle vous êtes passé...
    Je vous souhaite un prompt rétablissement avec de gros bisous.