Monday, April 16, 2012

A bicycle for my birthday...

Yesterday my oldest son Shane and his girl Alisa brought me my birthday gift. A bicycle!!! I have had a mountain bike but truth be told I am a miserable bike rider.
But this awesome gift was what I never expected and really love!!
First a pic, then my bicycle goofy stories

When I was a Dad took my tricycle(a hand-me-down from older brothers) and in order to make it mine he painted it my favorite color which was kelly green!
I loved that trike and for decades my Dad kept one of the fenders hooked to the rafters of his basement workroom. I suspect it has been tossed by now.

The neighbor across the street then let me have their son Kenny's bicycle when it was time to learn a 2 wheeler. That is how it was in the 50's and early 60's. Neighbors lending to neighbors.
Then one Christmas Dad and Grandpa got my sister and I matching bicycles..Green!!!
As we got older we were lucky to get our own cruisers. Back then they weren't called cruisers because everyone but the rich kids had these. The rich kids could get bikes with gearshifts! Mine was a pretty blue..same color of my favorite pickup truck I bought when I was 55! brother Ed was able to get a bicycle with gears because he worked a paper route with 300 customers and shoveled snow all winter for big bucks!
He used that bike for the paper route. We of course envied him because Akron, Ohio is a hilly place and regular bikes gave you a workout everyday.

Flash forward several years to Utah and married. Hubby and I began the trike/bike thing for Shane. We decided to get matching Huffy "mountain bikes" so we could all ride together with a seat on one of them for baby Thomas. Shane proceeded to get hit by 3 cars while bike riding over the years. One stopped and was so distressed we had to call the ambulance for her. Bike destroyed..boy fine. The next two incidents he was riding with friends and hit by women in cars who sped away..classic hit and runs. 2 bikes destroyed, one broken arm, many cuts and bruises. Thomas decided he didn't want to learn to ride a bike and never did!!! We gave his tiger striped vehicle to my friend's youngest son who rode it for years.

I dusted off the bike a few times was very wobbly and one time just laid it over and tumbled off into a yard with nice cushy green grass..this is where everyone laughs, so go ahead!

Back in 2005(?) I was visiting Ohio and my oldest brother Tom, his then wife, Angela, my sister Kim and I took a catamaran ferry to Pelee Island in Lake Erie. It is in Canada and I had always wanted to go there. We rented bikes to ride around the lovely little island with wonderful sandy beaches. The bikes were weird and the sand on the roads threatened to dump me several times! Needless to say my siblings got great joy out of watching me ride!

In 2008 I was in Europe with a study abroad group. We decided to rent bikes in Amsterdam, take the ferry over to the dikes and we rode 18 miles...yes it was flat, but those bicycle seats were murder!!! Note..I have never ridden a bike that far..not even close! One mile in and I was in pain and not really enjoying myself..I did make it the whole trip although I could not keep pace with the youngsters. No worries..I amazed them all by jumping out of bed the next morning and no aches just ready to go! Next time..scooters!

About a year ago Shane's girl Alisa and her best friend Irene got these cruisers for a great price. Alisa sold hers eventually to get a BMX which is what Shane and her son,Will, are into. Irene put hers in storage after getting pregnant and moving. Shane and Alisa got it from her and gave it to me!

I rode it yesterday around the rural big block I live on. It needs 40 acres to turn around. And the seat had to be adjusted for my stiff knee..but I loved it!!!Wish I could use it to get to my studio but that is too far away. But with the basket..I can go grocery shopping!!

more pics and the neighbors sheep had their lambs

Have a wonderful day and thanks for all the birthday greetings!


  1. I hope you really enjoy this bicycle and that you ride it a lot. Just think of the spirit it was given in. Besides, it will be good exercise for your knee. xox

  2. I love that new bike of yours. Be careful. I wouldn't get on one now for all the world, much less ride one on the streets of Paris when I" there! !!!

    Bike on over to the neighbor's house and pet those cute lambs.

    Merci pour votre comment aujourd'hui. :)

  3. Oh and i forgot, the profile pug looks like my dearly departed grandpug Ivy. My daughter still has Einstein. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer but lordy he's cute!

  4. Hope you had a great birthday and that you enjoy your bike. I think it sounds like great fun!

  5. Morning Kay,
    Great stories! Being 62, I have similar stories of bicycle adventures, including my share of crashes. Simpler times, simpler bikes, wonderful days.
    Thanks for sharing and taking me, at least, happily down memory lane.
    Have a great day.