Thursday, April 5, 2012

the interesting day

yesterday I did pick up my library art and did drive 120 miles to do all of my errands. I was lucky enough to run into an old artist friend, Royden Card. He started out as a black and white printer and then went to painting stunning Southern Utah landscape in what I call technicolor! You can find him at

He makes his living at painting and like the rest of us, is struggling a bit now. A sweet man with a poetic voice, feel free to buy his self published books or a painting or two!
As I was coming home from the marathon driving session..I saw a little black dog running up the road in the center lane. Traffic was bumper to bumper but they were moving slow and a few people were trying to steer the little frightened dog to the side of the road. It appeared they had him cornered at a fence juncture as I drove past and I breathed a sigh of relief..too soon. He managed to get past them and run up the road again. This is such a busy road, the same that I live on. The traffic is horrible and it is up hill for over a mile. That little dog ran like its tail was on fire. Now I saw a young woman jumping out of her car to try to get it off the road. I was able to pull off and we in tandem went up that road in and out of the traffic guiding that little dog to safety. I was surprised but most drivers were aware of what was happening and let us in and out of traffic. Finally the little dog ducked under a bush in a front yard at the top of the hill, under a gas meter in a corner of the brick home. The young lady jumped out of her car and I parked and went over too. We got behind the big bush and tried to calm the little dog and hopefully get a hold of it. First it bit the other girl, then I tried and it bit me. I got a blanket out of the car and told the other girl in the car to call dispatch and ask for animal control. I figured if I could drop the blanket over the frightened little dog it might be possible to catch it up..
OWW..nope it bit me good through the fleece blanket. By now it had hunkered down under the meter and the other girl and I were bleeding all over the gas meter! We introduced ourselves and laughed as we waited for the policeman. He got a loop around the pup's neck and brought it out from the bush and exclaimed "oh I have a Shih Tzuh just like this one at home!" He proceed to pet it and pick it up and love it and got it to a crate.
This one is a file photo..not showing the bloody fangs of the vampire one we cornered.
It was a female, and luckily had a collar and tags. We thanked him, got in our cars and went home. I bound my wounds and fed my own menagerie and put my feet up in front of the TV..all in a day's work. As the knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail says.."It is only a flesh wound".

these are the two paintings I took to the Salon..I do hope they get in..

turns out I don't have a finished photo of these except the one from my reception!


  1. Thank you for sharing Royden's colorful work!! You had quite a day (poor doggie!!) The tree painting is stunning!

  2. Whew! What a day! Love Roydens work too. Good luck!

  3. Glad I had my day and not yours but hey it sounds like you had a successful one. Love the painting.