Monday, December 5, 2011

Dec. 5,2011 Hi!

I have nothing..well maybe...
It is really cold, it snowed a bit yesterday yet people were mowing their lawns today!?!
The stars were are brilliant tonight but it is too cold to watch for long.
Have you ever Googled your name just to see how many people have your name, or find obituaries with your name?
I have been seeing a lot of shows on PBS about glass art, blown glass, stained glass.
I was privileged to have a teacher at Kent State University who was a famous glass blower. He was terrific and when I wrote him a letter a few years ago..he returned with a wonderful letter. Henry Halem, a real character.
One of my art peers at the studio complex has "fans" who bring him wine. Tonight he was gregarious and doing wonderful art and had two empty wine bottles!!! He was definitely happy and being very creative. I like wine..maybe a little more and my art could get better...or not
I have found myself not doing the little things that I always liked, lighting scented candles, having a glass of wine, treating myself to some small indulgences..tonight I lit some candles the first time in two years! And it has been very nice.
Driving around the towns on a clear, cold night to see the lovely colorful lights of Christmas was always a small tradition. Hubby and I did it tonight and had to go into neighborhoods of large mansions to see colors, everyone else around here puts white lights on roof lines and they are all the same..where is the joy in that? Possibly HOA restrictions?
Have you seen the "Up" movie? Some builders decided to build the "UP" house here in Utah and it is wonderful. They replicated it completely inside and out even down to the hose holder outside. The neighborhood is up in arms over the colors...they don't want to see the multi colored home over their morning breakfast and want the HOA to make the new owners paint it earth tones..I guess they would change the color of flowers, sky, grass to earth tones too if they had their way...Utah..the beige, taupe, mocha colored state.
I was sure I had Frankie the Pug in bed with me last night..disappointed to find him still gone..must have been dreaming.
When my beloved Dad died in 2006 I wanted nothing more than to dream of him..but I didn't. And I dream in technicolor, with elaborate plots and scenery..I love to the past two weeks he has been in many of my weird but fascinating dreams, always as the father I remember as a teenager which makes sense as I dream of myself as a young adult all the time anyway..a literal dream come true to see my Dad.
I walked into the studio this evening and was pleased to see I liked the way it looked..guess I should take some photos! The green walls are soothing and the accents of purple and orange are just right! It has taken me a while to like it..and I am glad I do.
Well time for bed...hope you have nice dreams


  1. I dream in technicolor too and very filmlike with the most amazing scenes. Sometimes these are a little too graphic. I hope you manage to do some really nice things for yourself. It sounds like you need them. Pamper yourself a little bit. XOX

  2. Kay, thanks for a wonderfully intimate look at your life! I loved it! And I received my painting him! he is perfectly wonderful in my studio. I adore your way with animals and the fox-doggie? on the bed is precious. we do all need to remember we ourselves need the sweet things too once in awhile. personally I think being a mother drives it out of our minds and we give it up...I have, in just these past few years, been treasuring " me" as much as everyone has done me a world of good too. ♥ xox