Friday, December 2, 2011

Dec. 2,2011 Art sale tonight..

This evening several artists in my complex are participating in a holiday show/sale. I have been working on small paintings, gift tags, Christmas cards, book marks....
But really hope to sell not only small things but large things also!
I do have a lovely lady who comes in and buys art. She requested chicken paintings and I hope she likes the two I have done. One is 8"x8" on gallery wrapped canvas and the other is on 12"x12" gallery wrapped canvas. I had fun painting them. They are colorful acrylics.
I was going to bake some of my delicious cut out cookies with butter cream frosting...but my heating element in my stove blew up!!!! Yikes. Luckily I saw it happen and unplugged the oven..I really wish I had a gas stove. So I will be buying a few goodies to take along...not as nice but what can I do?
So now that the literal sparks have died down...I just need to get to the studio this afternoon and set up. I finished white simple frames for the paintings I have been doing on canvas board..not my favorite surface but these were on sale and better quality than most.
I will attach the paintings to frames and hang them and other than moving a few things around I will be ready. I found a wall hanger with hooks for my lanyard art and it is ready to hang. Yay for thrift shops...found 2 baskets and one wooden box to put the small paintings and cards in for display.
I will try to remember to take pictures of the studio! are the chicken paintings..enjoy and have a great day!


  1. The chicken paintings are wonderful and very colorful as I would expect from you. I hope you have a good sale and that lots of people show up. Too bad about the home baked cookies, but glad there wasn't an accident. Enjoy yourself. XOX

  2. Des couleurs fabuleuses... un travail similaire une un certain pointillisme...
    Gros bisous

  3. Good luck Kay, hope you managed to sell some of your artwork.